Has it ever happened to you that you’re full of exactly opposite emotions at the same time? On one side you’re feeling the frustration and fatigue of a busy day and on one side you’re feeling the satisfaction of completing a book. Both are turning out to be very powerful but the question is which is stronger?

Is it the book I just completed reading? Or is it the strong angry feeling? Before I tell, which one won in this case, allow me to tell you about the book I was reading. It was Breath go away and other stories by Sriman Narayananan.

About the book Breath Go Away & Other Stories

The book is a collection of short stories which includes anecdotes inspired from author’s own life. Some of them are figments of pure imagination and some of them are real life incidents from the author’s life.

Like typical short story collections, this book has been named after the first story in the book. Apart from breath go away, there are many more short stories which are addressing different things.

The book is a light hearted fiction which is perfect as a coffee table book. You can sit back, have a cup of coffee and flip through breath go away & other stories. I am sure it would be a calm, soothing and pleasurable experience.

My Review for Breath Go Away & Other Stories

The start wasn’t that amazing. As the first story and the one that contributed to the name of the book, I didn’t feel much interest in the story. Although I must appreciate the way author sewed the words together. It made me flip through the pages but the emotions and connectivity was sparse.

But I kept reading. Not by will, but by addiction. Some books do make you continue no matter what. Don’t they? And I was so glad I continued. I can’t imagine it could be that simple but it is – with every single story, the book gets better.

The vibrancy of the stories filled with very relatable experiences is quite good. And one of the stories was so amazing. And I think any woman who reads this book would agree with me. The story is “tears in bathroom”. Well, the story helped me figure out that some of the crazy actions I do are actually done by a lot of women. It helped believe in my sanity. 😛 Jokes apart, I do feel this is the gem hidden in the middle of this book.

Another story which I loved was “height of heights” which brings the feeling of anticipation in you. It is lovely to see how each story tries to invoke different emotions in you. Every story has been written in a straight forward and apt manner.

breath go away and other stories by sriman narayan


All the stories in the book are very light hearted (I did say that before. No? ) and fun to read. I liked how all the stories are different but still woven around the same theme. No spoilers. Let me know if you want some 😛

The genres that have been clubbed into this book which is marked as a “fiction” are worth appreciation.


Most of the characters in the story are very relatable and interesting. And I like how author doesn’t like to appreciate the ‘I’ in the story.

My overall opinion about the book

It takes a lot of effort to express a feeling through short stories. I have read a couple of short story books in the last two years and I did declare myself as short story book hater. And I picked up breath go away & other stories to give this genre another chance.

I am glad I did that for whatever I might say about this book, it would end up with the fact that this book made me want to read more short stories aka I fell in love with them because of this book.

If you want to read something light but interesting, get this book. If books scare you and you want to pick the habit of reading books, get this book. If you want to just have some nice time along with a book, get this book.

My ratings: 3.5/5 stars

And now, it’s on to you. Check out if you want to read this lovely book and suggest me some more short stories books so that I can continue with the thing I love the most – reading books.

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