Do you love taking pictures of books? Who does that? Thousands of people.

On Instagram, you will find a very active bookstagram community that crushes over book pictures, some are so good that you would be amazed (Check TheBookSatchel account if you don’t believe me).

My top 5 Bookstagram Tips

Now, I am new to this community. And I have zero knowledge on book photography and how to click good photos. I don’t have many followers on my Bookstagram account either. But I am learning. And here’s what I have learned so far.

  1. Pictures with more than one books work better

Bookstagram tips I have learned so far

I have posted quite a lot of book photos on my own instagram account and checking the response of each of them, I can say that if you post book pictures with more than one books, they’ll work comparatively better.

I post pictures with one book in the shot, and then I post pictures with multiple books in the shot and the latter always works much better.

2. Pick A Theme

Bookstagram tips I have learned so far

People are so wrong about it. I had heard a lot of people talking about picking a theme and I personally found it boring. Honestly, it wasn’t the advice that was boring. It was what I imagined picking a theme was; that was boring.

Picking a theme doesn’t mean you have to post similar kinds of pictures. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to one background, one basic way of clicking a shot. That’s boring.

What I have found out is that picking a theme means to have a basic sense of familiarity in the pictures. For example, the base of my pictures in my current theme is white – the barely visible white board that I keep my props on. Then, I put dark coloured props all around, scatter them and see what looks good in the frame.

Then, during editing, I try to pick the same preset or editing style. I haven’t picked one yet, but do you get the point?

Picking a theme means having a few basic elements that are always the same but don’t let that be your reason to bar your creativity or find an excuse to put similar kind of ‘easy’ shot. Experiment. Get creative with your pictures.

3. Captions Make A Lot Of Different

People say Instagram is all about visual. I disagree. The captions matter as much as the visuals. I followed that ‘only pictures matter’ advice and posted so many good pictures with average response.

Then somebody told me to work on my captions. I did. And suddenly, even my average shots are getting a lot more engagement and my account is growing.

Make them sensible. Tell a story in your captions. Inspire. Share.

4. Variety of Content

stand out on booktube

Earlier, insatgram was all about pictures. I joined a bit late and finally got comfortable with this idea. Then, Instagram launched a lot of different formats.

The situation is that you cannot thrive if you’re not using all these formats – videos, multiple shots, Insta stories, live videos. You, now, have to create all of these content types on the same platform. You have to.

5. Engage

It’s social media. Be social. Answer to every single comment and message. Even if you have 100 followers, show them that you care. Don’t wait for those 1M followers before you care about your account.

Make relationships now. It’s the right time. Get to work. Never miss a single message. Reply to them all, talk to them, listen to them and improve your content accordingly.

These are the five things that are working for me so far. My Instagram account is growing and I am extremely happy about it.

Think of these tips and see if they make sense to you. Experiment. I hope these help.

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