I buy more books than I read and don’t share them with other people. The only reason why I do that is those books are being preserved for my kids. I want them to have access to books as early as possible and I want them to read more books than I would have read in my entire life.


These kinds of words sound weird when a 20 year old college student says it. How can you think about having children at such a young age? Which woman doesn’t want to be a mother? How can you assume that just because you like reading books your children would love it too? Would you force it upon them? Reading isn’t a hobby, it is a habit.

Wait, I want to stop with the questions here. Read it again! Reading isn’t a hobby, it is a habit. Most people think that reading books is a hobby that only few share but the truth is, it is an important practice that needs to be a daily habit in each person’s life on this earth. What if my children don’t like brushing teeth? Should I ask them not to just because they don’t like it?

Did you get my point? The people who love reading books and who have read a number of quality books would truly understand what I’m saying. I am trying to change the perception of the people around me who think reading is a ‘hobby’. It isn’t a hobby for you can live without a particular hobby but if you don’t include an essential habit in your life, you would be at a great risk (what would happen if you never brushed your teeth?)


Sorry to say but if you don’t like reading books that certainly means your upbringing was flawed at one point. I’m not trying to get into a controversy. I’m just trying to make our world better. For YOU, you are the one who would give direction to the world. Even if you’re just a student right now, even if you’re single and you haven’t thought about children in your farthest dream, you need to understand something very important and you need to make sure you pass it on to the next generation.

Reading. Yes, you need to pass it on. You need to tell the kids that they should be reading books just like you tell them that they should brush their teeth regularly. And this isn’t like forcing your child to become an engineer when he wants to be a musician. I might not change your perception about this thing but I would certainly try my best to make sure such kind of perception doesn’t get passed on to the next generation.

I won’t let this pass on to the kids I bear and the kids of my circle. What about you? Do you want the next generation to act with wisdom or ignorance is what you want to gift them when they step on this earth? Do you want to help them lead a better life or an easy life filled with doing useless and meaningless things? Do you want to teach them good habits or let them do whatever they feel like even if it’s harmful?  Do you want them to take reading as a habit or a hobby?

And remember, if you don’t inculcate the habit of reading in your children, THAT my friend would be forcing them to do what they’re not meant to do.

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  1. Hey, great share…..

    Collecting books for your kids is definitely has loads of advantages. The vast mass of knowledge in the world can only be gained by reading, and if you want your children to be smart, they have to acquire a love for reading.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing more….

    • Exactly my point Judy. But then there are parents who weren’t readers and who don’t intend to inculcate the habit of reading in their kids. It pains me to see that happening.


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