If you want to read something different amidst the beautiful chaos of fantasy novels, you need to pick up Hugo Damas books.

We Are Terror is the second book after By Death Defined, in the series written by Hugo Damas. Humans and the supernatural are at war. For centuries, there truly has been no match for the powers and strengths of the vampires and werewolves. But humans have developed a ghastly formula that can put them as equals to the supernatural beings. What supersedes is an open war – where Joseph, the king of vampires, has decided to lead an assault against humans in order to establish a new order.

Before we begin, is We Are Terror related to by death defined? Do you have to read that book to read this one?

Not really. Both are very different, even though there is some unrevealed connection that the author hints at the end of this book.

Should you read by death defined? Definitely yes. Most of the things I say for this novel are true for that one as well.

About We Are Terror

We Are Terror is one of the unique books from the lot of fantasy novels that I’ve either read or heard about. I hear about fantasy novels all the time – a lot of them are in my reading list and a few I have decided to ignore for they don’t seem to be of my taste. But as I happened to have a discussion about writing fantasy novels just today, I realised how much I appreciate the craft of this particular author – Hugo Damas.

The way he puts together the story – the fantasy and supernatural weaved in a plot where you follow the actions & cruelties of a war, it’s just amazing. To truly comprehend it, I have had to make a list of 80+ fantasy genres or let’s just say, ways of writing a fantasy novel and not one of those 80 came close to how Hugo Damas writes his books.

we are terror book review

The book captures a short period of the action-filled life of a set of characters, while diving into the backstory in a smoothly blended manner. He did the same with By Death Defined, though I loved it for different reasons. He has done the same, only it’s even better in this book, and made this such a delightful read.

It’s your dream fantasy novel come true! Vamps and werewolves, enemies and yet having to come together to fight a greater evil… characters that are beastly and yet, that manage to connect with you on a level, managing to create a soft spot in your heart somewhere. Backstories of the characters make them even more relatable. They may not be likeable as characters but they certainly deserve their place in the book and your heart.

Just like in By Death Defined, the plot of the book follows a very short path. The war has already begun and there’s an attack on the human capital, Moscow. Soon, you’ll turn pages, race through the book to find out what happens at the end. That’s his style. He doesn’t go all-twisted with the plot. He keeps it short & simple. It’s the beauty in the execution – the thrill of reading every bits and pieces while the author doesn’t waste time to fill you in on the backstory at just the right places and times… it’s just beautiful.

Honestly, I’m overwhelmed. I’ve read several books that are written the usual way, hundreds, but books written like these… I wish I could get hold of more such books and tell more people about such unique way of writing books.

If you’re a fantasy lover bored with fantasy, now waiting to be excited about it again, you need to pick up this book. If you’re looking for a fantasy science-fiction supernatural story that’s written in a very different manner, pick up this book.

I would recommend this book to every fantasy lover who’s on the hunt to read & devour best fantasy novels out there!

My ratings: 4.5/5 stars

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We Are Terror By Hugo Damas
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