There’s something amazing about reading Indian mythological fiction books. The wow factor that’s attached to these mythical tales is beyond explanation. Some of these sound so real. Some of these make our imagination go wild but most of these make us admire the art of reading and how lucky we are to be able to read books.

I have been in the mood of reading mythological fiction books these days. There are so many books coming up in the genre and most of them are worth reading. There’s the set of authors who are doing retellings that you could never have imagined and then there are authors who are working on the most loved genre of the time – mystery thriller.

Warriors of Dharma is a mystery thriller book with mythological elements in it. It can be safely considered a mythological thriller and I happened to read this book after the author asked me to read and review it for my readers.

warriors of dharma

About Warriors of Dharma – Plot

On the back cover of Warriors Of Dharma, you read that this lady is making a hasty entrance into her office and is taking up some information from her desk. She, then, decides to rush to a city for her son is in serious danger.

From the face of it, it does seem a pretty basic mystery thriller but once you start reading it, you will discover the mythological elements in it which will make you admire the imagination of the author.

You feel excited about where the plot is going and your heart races with your reading pace.

You really want to know what happens next and you really want to get to the major mystery part.

Alas! That didn’t happen.  The story seemed very incomplete. I see those road trips and some hints. I also see passages where a lot is revealed and that gets me excited but then, it just ends. Nothing big happens. Nothing extraordinary.

It’s just an ordinary fast-paced book that certainly feels incomplete. I can see that this is going to be a part of the series but then, book 1 in the series with no real point and no climax? That’s hard to digest.

However, as a person, who really reads a lot, I can tell that if the book had been complete, I would have loved it so much that you would find me talking about it for over a year.

Writing Style

With a great writing style, the author of Warriors of Dharma grips your attention in the book. You just want to keep reading, faster and faster. There are hints at the right places and there are questions at the right places. All of it gets your hopes high.


Even though I want to write an essay about the awesomeness of the characters, but the truth is not much was revealed about them for me to make an essay about them.

However, there were many interesting things revealed about the characters that I cannot disclose for I don’t want to give away any spoilers.


It’s great to read the mythology part. It’s great to see the imagination part and the way the author thought out the story. The fast-paced story telling keeps you gripped and you gulp in every word to know what happens next. You really want to know what happens next.

But does something really happen in the end? No. That was really disappointing.

Overall, I want this book to be complete for I truly want to know what happens in the next story but I don’t want to invest in a copy that barely gives me any content.

Ratings: 3/5

Title: Warriors of Dharma By Chandranshu Chaudhary

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

No. of Pages: 170

Language: English

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