Are you looking for a perfect read for winter? Are you looking for a perfect blend of feeling the chilly winter and experiencing the cozy setup?

the ice princess

If yes, I have a great recommendation for you. I just completed reading this crime thriller set up in the beautiful land of Sweden entwined with great story telling and intriguing plot. I am talking about The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg. Interested to know more about the book? Keep reading!

The Ice Princess comes from a very popular crime thriller writer, Camilla Lackberg, and is the first book featuring the very popular characters created by author – Erica and Patrick. Erica is a writer who visits her hometown for the funeral of her parents. During her stay there, her childhood friend is found dead. Erica is quite affected by this suicide and is trying to find out why her friend ended up like this. Patrick is a detective who doesn’t accept the idea of suicide and is working on this case. Both of these people come together to unwind disturbing truths about their small town.

Plot and story telling

I have always loved crime thrillers and have read a couple of crime thrillers till now but this is certainly a one which has ignited my desire for reading even more crime thrillers. The whole credit goes to this author.

The plot of the book is interesting and quite mysterious. Unexpected things happen in the most unexpected ways. I loved how author built the interest of reader and involved him/her in the story. I felt personally connected to the plot. I wanted to find out what really happened. Not many authors manage to pull this off. She did.

Ice Princess has been told in a very well manner. The author takes apt amount of time to build up the anticiaption, keeps you waiting for revealing the truth and then bombards you with the answers while you’re least expecting them.


Both the characters, Erica and Patrick, are strong and relatable. They’re not those usual pro-active characters of a crime thriller novel who like to poke their nose in everything that goes around them. They stay true to their profession and personality.

There are a set of important characters in this book who are well portrayed. They’re not those shallow characters who just exist to give a new turn to the story. They drive the story but at the same time, they give you an impression that they’re real characters who have a real life. They seem real.

Overall experience of reading The Ice Princess

Overall, I loved this book. Characters, plot, story telling, situations, dialogues… everything is crafted to perfection. If you’re a person who loves crime thriller novels, you would love this book. It is a brilliant book to hold while sipping coffee and enjoying a chilly winter morning.

My ratings for The Ice Princess: 5/5 stars

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