” A fantastic blend of myth, imagination and mystery…. A great read!” – Amish Tripathi

This is one of the bestselling books of India. This book has been appreciated by many bestselling and famous fiction writers like Amish Tripathi. This book is a mysterious tale of our past and present.

A historian Ram Mathur is killed in a barbaric way and he leaves behind a number of questions and mysteries which are going to unraveled by his daughter Sia with help of an esoteric writer named Om Patnaik.

The Emperors Riddles Book Review

The Emperors Riddles is no simple book. The very beginning of the book gives you an idea about the fine work done by the author.

About The Author of The Emperors Riddles

Satyarth Nayak is a author cum journalist based in Delhi. Having worked with prestigious channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN, the author has fetched quite a lot of recognition for his work.

The Emperors Riddles is his first full length novel which is a thriller and a tribute to his deep interest in the esoteric.

Review of The Emperors Riddles

Truthfully speaking, I don’t want to speak much about this book except how finely the book has been written. I can go on and on about what made me like this book but here are things most important things which I liked about The Emperor’s Riddles.

1. Narration Style: The first thing that matters in story is how it is narrated. If you don’t know how to tell a story, no one would like it no matter how interesting and intriguing the story is.  And Satyarth Nayak knows the art of storytelling very well.

I know I shouldn’t compare a book with a movie (books are always better) but the flawless yarn of this book does give extra points to it. From the mark on the dead body of Ram Mathur to the riddles put forward, everything has been described effortlessly.

It feels like you’re actually present at the scenes. Amazing!

2. Research: the kind of effort author has put into the book becomes visible during the first few pages when Om Patnaik describes about the importance of ‘9’ in our life. The book is filled with such short pieces of esoteric information which is an added delight to the readers.

Reading this book was like adding up to your knowledge bank while enjoying an awesome thriller.

3. Plot: So, the author has a good narration style, has done good research for the book but there still remains one thing which can totally mar the experience of reading, in case it goes wrong. The plot.

The Emperors Riddles has a plot entwined between past and present. There is a story which is running in the past and then there’s a story where Sia and Om Patnaik come in. Both are equally interested and presented very well.

The Emperors Riddles is a book that would be loved by people who want to read thrillers and I know many of the readers of my blog love to read thrillers. In fact, that was the first reason why I wanted to read and review this book. How could I have missed the chance of reviewing a good book?

I didn’t know whether this book actually deserved to be a bestseller and fetch such amazing compliments. But that was before I read it. Now, having read this book I can say that this book certainly deserves to be on anyone’s bookshelf. And it does deserve to be on yours.

If you haven’t picked up any book for this summer, go for this one. You would love it.

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  1. I have never read any mystery novel in my life.

    But the way you have written review about this book, anyone can fall in love with it. I will try to grab this book next month…. and explore the new world.

    Thanks for this review.

    • If you haven’t read any mystery novel, start with this and after that go for Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Canon Doyle. You know reading mystery is better than reading love stories etc. when it comes to fiction.
      I think you read more of self development books. That’s a good choice. Even I am more inclined towards books like those nowadays.. that’s why picked up corporate chanakya..
      The best way to read such books is to read two books at same time – one fiction and one of genre like self development. This way one can get more benefit from reading. Try it and tell me about your experience.
      And yep, do pick up this book once you complete the ones you’re already reading.. probably.
      And do follow the link from here 😛 (you know why i said it.. right? 😉 )

      • I have heard a lot about mystery novels. That’s why I bought first 3 books of Sherlock Holmes 3 months back (in book fair), but they are still waiting for their turn. 🙂

        Yeah.. I love reading self-development books more than others.

        You know why?

        Because they can make any ordinary human being extra-ordinary.

        I have tried reading 2 books at the same time and got tremendous results because this was mind-refreshing as well as a new experience for me.

        I was reading Corporate Chanakya, and in-between I picked Chicken Soup for the Soul. And first time in my life I ended up reading 150+ pages in single sitting (the book is just 294 pages).

        After completing Corporate Chanakya I am going to read Steve Job’s biography which I have already read till 350 pages (it’s 700+ pages book).

        And then I am going to pick this book.

        Don’t worry, I will buy with this link only.. ha ha.. 😉

  2. Thanks Manpreet for such a positive review and loving my book so much. Highly encouraging for a debut author. Do share this review on Goodreads, Amazon and Flipkart. Cheers

    • Hello Sir, The book does deserve the appreciation. Although I hated those riddles for they made me feel more stupid, but you have really done a good job. 🙂
      The kind of effort you have put into this book is amazing. 🙂

    • thanks Nimi for providing such a wonderful book through your book review program. It was really a good read 🙂


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