They loved each other a lot or maybe they are still in love. But due to some reasons Neel decides to break up with Arya and leaves the country. He doesn’t tell her the reason for the break up and just vanishes. Even after number of months, Arya is still trying to get over the break up or maybe she is still waiting for him to come back.

romantic resonance

Romantic Resonance is a love story that revolves around Arya, her love Neel and their families. This 152 page love story presents some deep thoughts about love. There are people who believe in love and then there are people who think love exists just in stories.

For the latter people, this book might not be so good but for the people who believe in love, this book presents some impressive thoughts to which you would be able to easily connect.

Romantic Resonance is the first book by Ketaki Sane who is a pharma marketer by profession. The story she has presented is not just about love – it’s more than love. It’s about belief in love and relations.

My review for the Romantic Resonance

Cover Page

The cover page of the book is quite simple and unimpressive. The overall design of the book didn’t appeal to me much. If I had to choose this book by looking at the cover, I would have never picked up this book. But as I always say, “One must never judge the book by its cover”, I decided to ignore the cover page design flaws and started reading.

Chapter 1

The book is divided into five chapters. The first chapter of Romantic Resonance is extremely arresting. Though the chapter one of the Romantic Resonance was all about Arya and her condition after the break up, the author Ketaki Sane has put in some amazing and thoughtful words which would capture the reader very well. And so it did to me. I was happy to hold this book at that time.
Chapter 2

But my excitement was short loved for the second chapter turned out to be far below my expectations. It was like I was reading someone else’s story and who likes to read someone else’s story? We like reading stories only when we can connect to the words, to the situations but here, that didn’t happen. The part wasn’t boring but it wasn’t as impressive as the chapter one.

Chapter 3

The third chapter and the same ‘unable to connect’ thing was there. Ketaki Sane has done a good job in portraying the story of the Romantic Resonance as a normal life love story. These kind of things happen to all of us – first crush, first love, first proposal, first break up and we all love reading about for we can connect our own story to it. And if you talk about this particular book, I didn’t hate reading Romantic Resonance.

Chapter 4

The second last chapter could have been extremely dramatic. Maybe Ketaki Sane wanted to leave the drama portion till the last but still, the kind of plot that was going on at that point could have been narrated in a much better way.

Chapter 5

The last chapter was extremely dramatic with a seriously unexpected twist. I loved reading it.

Overall Review

Overall this book is an average book. Though the beginning of the book would impress you way more than you expect, the rest of the book is just fine. Romantic Resonance could have been a much better book than it is right now. The author could have added a few more pages to the book, a few more emotions and a few more thoughts. This book could have been an amazing read but still, I don’t think this book has anything that would compel me to recommend my readers not to read this book.

Do read this book. This is a simple love story and you have a good time reading it, provided that you curb your expectations. Have you read this book? Tell me what do you think about it.

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