Fantasy Fiction is one of the most enjoyed genres in books and this also happens to be one of the most difficult to write genres. It needs a lot of creativity and efforts. When this new Fantasy Fiction – Rise of The Grey Prince was offered to me, I couldn’t resist.

the-rise-of-grey-prince by arka chakraborty

About the book: Rise of The Grey Prince

This book is the second part of series – The Saga of Agni written by Arka Chakrabarthy. The story of the series revolves around Agni. Agni comes to know the dark secrets that lead to his father’s death and is now trying to find his mother and some answers to his never ending questions. He is accompanied by his friend Vrish, guru Sidak and his disciple Param.

On the other side, Yani (who is a beloved friend of Agni) faces some harsh truths about his life and is trying to survive while he is virtually trapped.

The book tells the tale of Agni and tells what happens to him next.

Review of Rise of The Grey Prince

The books begins with some small events in the land of setting sun (the world the book talks about is divided into two: land of rising sun and land of setting sun). Princess Lysandra is back from war and is trying to process some confusion she has in her mind. Then one day some intruders enter her palace and the part ends with Agni showing his face. From then the story goes back to the time when Agni decides to go to the Land of Setting Sun.

There is prince Yani who is trying to fight bad people who ruined his otherwise happy life. One part of the story also revolves around Charvi who unravels some secrets left behind by her father and goes on to find them.

Though the story is in three parts, the author does his job well in making all of the plots meet at one point. Yes, this is not entirely true. The way the story moves back from Lysandra meeting with Agni to Agni deciding to visit the Setting Sun, the book should have ended with the same scene or something else. But in the end of book, Agni just doesn’t reach there. That was definitely an abrupt ending. It felt like the book wasn’t complete yet. It could have been better if it had been given proper finishing.

The story is quite slow in the beginning. I actually had to struggle hard to make myself continue reading. Though the author claims that one doesn’t need to read the first book to read this one, that’s a complete lie. Maybe author said that because he didn’t want to spend extra bucks in sending the reviewers first copy of the book. Hence, there are some parts of the story which you would completely not understand. That makes it even harder to read.

The story buckles up in the second half of the book and that’s the only reason why I liked the book (somewhat). Prince Yani did steal the show. It felt like Agni wasn’t given much attention in this part of the book.

Though I liked the set up and the kind of anticipation you go through while reading the book, I didn’t enjoy the book that much. It could have been better or maybe it would have been better if I had read the first book.

My Final Verdict

Rise of The Grey Prince is a fantasy fiction that can be enjoyed by new fantasy fiction readers. Those who have read many fantasy fictions might not enjoy this. Better read the first book before reading this one or you will find it pretty useless to even hold this book.

My Ratings: 2.5/5

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