Maybe the choice you make in your life asks you to stop loving a person, but true love never fades. You might not want to think about it but still it comes to you at most unexpected times. You fear sleeping, for it would be in your dreams. You fear staying awake, for it would be in your thoughts. That’s how dangerous love is.

the choice by nicholas sparks

But is there something more dangerous than that? I would say, “Yes”. What is it? Romance novels written by Nicholas Sparks.

It has been four days since I completed reading The choice by Nicholas Sparks and I still find myself smiling at little moments I experienced in the book. I am a bit upset for I have finished reading it.

A usually horrifying journey by bus turned into a pleasurable ride that was too short. That was the affect of this book on me.

Since the time I bought this book, I had been trying to take out time to read this book. Of course, many of you asked me to read The Notebook and A Walk to remember first, but my choice was made.

I wanted to read The Choice. And there I was, reading this book on my ride back home.

The book begins with Travis Parker having a small house party with his childhood friends. After a couple of pages, you just fall in love with the hero of the story – Travis. He is simple but superb in his own way. You would desperately want a life like his.

Then Gabby Holland comes into the picture and the way they meet…*sigh* Well, now I know from where movie makers steal those magical ‘love at first sight’ moments.

The more you read, the more you would want to read. Truthfully speaking, I have never read a book that made me wish that it shouldn’t end. I have always been too excited to complete the book and write its review. But this book is different, it is just magical.

The story is obviously about how Travis and Gabby fall in love and so on… Oh! It would make you feel butterflies in your stomach when you read about Travis and Gabby, it would make you feel the pain that comes through their life and when you reach the end of the book, you would feel empty; so empty that you would want it back. So, empty that you would want to read it again.

Did you see I am not talking about plot, about characters, about narration style etc in my review at all? I just don’t think that this book needs such an analysis. It is simply too amazing to resist. If you want to read a love story that you would never forget and enjoy forever, read The choice by Nicholas Sparks.

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    • Hey Gordan,
      I was myself amazed to like the book so much that I gave it 5 stars (for the first time) and seriously! I have been giving hours each day to think of something that would allow me to cut a few points to make it 4 or 4& half but I just can’t find anything. The book is good… so good that it will stay in your mind for a long long time. Do give it a read!


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