Do you even know which book do you call a ‘good book’?

“A good book is a one which makes you forget your own self. You just find yourself drowning in the river of thoughts and imaginations of the writer. The characters come alive and you find yourself among them, smiling in their happiness, crying in their sorrows. You feel all the emotions of the characters and the situations of the book.

 A good book is the one which teaches you about life in many ways. It makes you realize your mistakes and inspires you to live a better life. A good book is the one that you would never want to end. Well, that’s what a good book is according to me.”

love at air force book review

And what I didn’t tell about good books is that they’re rare. I read a lot of books, some suggested by my friends, some suggested by the uncle at the book shop, some random picks and some sent to me by the authors.

Such a book which is sent to me for review finds itself in a tough scenario for my motive of reading that book is more about analyzing it from the eyes of an avid book reader (cum critic) and less about enjoying the story.

And that’s why many of those fail to impress me but there are a few exceptions (of course). There are books which not only impress me but also force me to recommend it to the people who like reading books; even to the people who don’t even like the thought of reading books.

About the Author (Love At Air Force)

Love at Air Force (Love @ Air Force) is the first book written by Gaurav Sharma who is a mathematics teacher by profession and who is going to be a very popular writer of India (My prediction). According to the author, he doesn’t want to be a storyteller but he yearns to create a stir.

The very unique point of the author is predictable from the last line. He is not a writer who would just tell a story, who would explain what goes in the story, characters and even tries to explain the emotions of the character for he fails to take the reader inside the world of the books.

Gaurav Sharma, in his book Love at Air Force, has presented himself as a very ‘writer material. He knows how to bring that transformation which takes the reader from the real world to the book’s world.

If you didn’t get what I tried to say in the last two paragraphs, I would tell you in a simpler version – Gaurav Sharma knows HOW TO WRITE.

Here’s my review for his second book – Rapescars.

Love At Air Force Plot

Love at Air Force is a story of a Sergeant Sushil Awasthi who is pushed into doing drudgery in the Indian Air Force and who resents his current state and accuses his wife, his parents and the very Air Force for all that he doesn’t like.

His present emotional state gets a big blow when he finds out that his school time best friend – Shabd Mishra has also joined Air Force but at a very senior rank. Before he could take all these things in, he comes across the sad love story of Shabd.

Shabd is still in love with his school time crush Soumya who is already married with an Air Force Officer.  The destiny brings all of the three together at one place – Air Force Station Agra.

Now beings the story where Sushil is still trying to control his emotional state and Shabd is still sobbing over his intense love for Soumya and Soumya is totally unaware about this untold love story which portrays her as the main character.

Love At Air Force Book Review

The storyline does seem interesting. Doesn’t it?  But it’s far more interesting than it sounds. You would be awed by the kind of love Shabd has for Soumya and at the same time, you will be looking into the world through Sushil’s eyes where he tells you what happens around in the lives of Air Force Officers.

The book is not just a love story. The book is about what change in circumstances can do to you. The book is about what destiny can do to you.

Yes, in short, the storyline is very interesting and it doesn’t get you bored even for a single second. Once you start reading it, you will stick to it till the end. Yeah! This is the kind of book which imprisons you from the first page.

It is a good book, which presents a story in a very impressive manner and also forces you to relate those circumstances to your own life, and think & feel the story.

For all of you who read my reviews regularly, you would know I can write long essays while criticizing the books but when it comes to appreciation, all I can say is – READ IT YOURSELF AND YOU WOULD KNOW!

I do recommend this book to all of you. You would love it. Don’t read it as if it’s just a love story. It’s filled with lessons too.


Some thoughts from Love at Air Force:

  • “Emotions, like candles, illuminate relations giving them value whenever they melt. However they are inexhaustible unlike candles.”
  • “Alcohol is best device to bring out the tormenting unsaid buried inside.”
  • “Life is too precious to be wasted for a lost somebody.”
  • “Love is pursuit of the heart and not of the brain. The heart is a sage who seeks pleasure in salvation while the brain is a trader who seeks prosperity.”
  • “Lovers are the most foolish species in this word and love is the weirdest occupation. It can handicap the wisdom of the most sensible individual.”
  • “The best way to get rid of sorrows is to discard them by sharing with somebody.”
  • “In matters related to heart – Heart has a great convincing ability.”
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  1. Hello Manpreet Kaur,

    Well I’m not a big fan of “love” genre books but your review on it really impressed me. Though I love reading books.Will eventually check it out.


    • Hello Samir,
      Thanks. Even I am not a big fan of love stories. There was a time when I used to love reading books of this genre but now, I just hate love stories. But as I said in the review, it was sent to me for the review and amazingly, I liked it.
      You should try reading this book, I am sure you will like it. It’s not exactly a love story, a love story is a part of the plot of this book.

  2. Hello Vijay,
    You brought a big smile on my face. Seriously! After a very hectic day and a bad exam, I would have found nothing that would make me feel good but your comment did the impossible!
    Thanks a lot. And yup, I am already working on my novel. Have designed the plot and have written a few pages as well. 🙂
    Do read love@AirForce. It’s a lovely book. You won’t regret the time spent on this. All the people who have reviewed this book say the same and I would really look forward for your experience. Do share your feedback with me once you finish reading this book.
    Keep visiting Finix Post 🙂


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