Unhealthy food eating habits lead to an unhealthy you who always feels drained of energy and tired to do anything. Healthy food helps you stay healthy, active and happy.

Ever since I gained 10 Kgs in just a few months, I became very conscious of my food eating habits. I was careful about my diet and was also working out. My incline towards health friendly food was evident. And that had to reflect on the kind of books I found interest in. Then I heard about the latest book release by this very celebrity –  Shilpa Shetty Kundra i.e. The Great Indian Diet.

I was a bit skeptical about reading this because of my experience with the last celebrity book I read. Remember Mrs. Funnybones? I felt they are just overhyped, but all it took me to grab this book was a lot of hype (yes 😛 )and a significant discount on Amazon. So here I am, sharing my experience and advice on whether this book is worth your time or not.

About the book The Great Indian Diet

This is a non-fiction book which discusses the health benefits of the Indian diet. It also discusses how you can have nutritious complete food through the products that are regularly used in an Indian kitchen.

The book has been written by Shilpa Shetty Kundra and a nutritionist named Luke Coutinho. So all of you who think this very fit celebrity isn’t an authority enough to write this book, shut up! I believe that they put a lot of thought into how this book was going to be. They have ensured that they share factual advice rather than what usual celebrity books do. Awesome. Wait! Am I already starting the review?

The Great Indian Diet Book Review

This book was a revelation. I had some poor perceptions about books written by celebrities. This completely changed my mind. Would you understand what I mean if I say that it felt as if a ‘writer’ has written this book?

the great indian diet

The flow of the book is smooth and enjoyable. It begins with a fantastic introduction which grips the reader. It starts with a clear description of what to expect from this book, and I must say that it went beyond my expectations.

After reading a couple of pages, I felt as if this book is going to be more like I’m reading a science book… Why not? It has all those scientific terms and talks about the effect of a different kind of food on our body, different kind of nutritional elements and so on. But amazingly I never felt like that.

The book is absorbing. And at the same time, it is power packed with useful information. Quite a few people complained that there’s nothing new in the book. It’s all the information that your grandma and grandpa would already know. So, they declare it a useless book.

But wait! Your grandma can tell you that mulethi is a superb thing to treat stuff like cold and all. But accept that our generation wouldn’t even consider it unless someone explains us why is it so. We wouldn’t even remember that mulethi exists! We require information that would leave a mark on us. We need information that would compel us to remember it and practice it in our real life.

I think The Great Indian Diet is totally working towards fulfilling that need of younger generation. I felt so inspired after reading this book that I am ultimately planning to change my diet. The girl who loves pasta, pizzas and wraps more than any food, now wants to switch to Indian diet. The change came just because of this book!

I agree that a lot of information was already known to me and can be easily found on the internet. But I don’t think that people take out enough time to dig for nutritional and health benefits of their native food products. I did it for that was required for a blog I was working on. My normal friends wouldn’t know much about it. The Great Indian Diet is a beautifully compiled piece of information about Indian Food.

No matter how critically I want to analyze this book and how much I want to find a negative point about it, I can’t. The fact is I felt so inspired and affected by this book, that I can’t feel anything but gratitude towards the people who wrote it. That’s because I am a person who is dealing with health issues because of my unhealthy diet, and I needed such a source of inspiration to keep me going on the path of a healthy complete native Indian diet.

If you’re a health conscious person or who regrets not being one, this book is a perfect source for you to get started. It gives you enough information and inspiration. That’s all you need. Grab it and I am sure you will find it useful!

My Ratings: 4.5/5

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