Would you like to listen to the love story of a woman who is into the business of selling her body for money? Would you like to listen how a young girl who dreamed of a fairy tale like ended up being such a woman? Would you like to listen how  she found her true love?

I don’t know about others but people in my country would have an expression of disgust at each question I have put forward. Love story of such a woman?

‘They don’t deserve love.’

‘They don’t deserve to be loved and have a fairy tale like life.’

Along with these expressions and thoughtless comments, many questions would be raised about why I picked up such a book?

eleven minutes book review

But still, I picked up this book knowing about the story line of this book. I told everyone who asked me what this book is about, I told them what Eleven Minutes was about and I did enjoy the blank look on everyone’s face.

I wonder what thoughts would be running in their minds. (I can guess but here I won’t like to mention)

Here I want to talk about the book I’ve just completed reading – ‘Eleven Minutes’ by Paulo Coelho. It’s considered to be one of the best books of this writer but do you know why it is so?

Paulo Coelho has managed to talk about such a ‘prohibited’ subject so openly. The kind of risk he took on his reputation is beyond my understanding but still I could imagine. A person whose previous book ‘Brida’ taught me more about spirituality and soul mates is telling me about a ..!

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Eleven Minutes Plot 

The book Eleven Minutes talks about a young girl named Maria who gets convinced that love is too painful and would make her suffer and therefore, accepts that she would never find a true love in her life. With her desire to fly freely like a bird, she moves from a small city in Brazil to Geneva where she tries to fulfill her dreams. But the reality of Life pushes her to sell her body.

Although, she accepts that it was all her choice and she could leave it whenever she wants, yet she finds herself lost in her new world where only things that matter to a woman is money.

But then comes a guy who’s there to test her for her determination which refrains her from falling in love. Then she had to make the choice – whether she wants to continue the dark path that gives her lot of money or she wants to be with the guy who made her fall in love once again? Whatever she chooses would again be her own choice just like it was when she had to choose if she wanted to be in that profession or not.

Eleven Minutes Book Review

The book Eleven Minutes challenges you to rise above the boundaries of your mind narrowed by the laws of society and understand what actually exists in the real world.

The book describes the story of a woman who is into such a profession while convincing you that even they can fall in love and there’s a reason behind the path they choose.

Every one of us has choices while making decisions regarding their profession and they have followed their own choices and we own no right to accuse them or stop them from making their choices. Do we? Would you like if anyone points a finger towards a profession you have opted for (for sake of interest or money)?

I had been struggling myself while reading this book for no matter how open minded I am when it comes to a topic like this, I still found it difficult to accept that a love story like this is even possible.

But having read this book, I feel good that I chose this book to read. Not only the book was interesting and page turning, it provided a different perspective to my thoughts. I am glad I picked up this book and would recommend this to everyone (especially the other ones who consider discussing about this topic as a social crime. I would like to see the kind of turmoil you get in your heart while reading this book and I am sure your perspective would change too).

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  1. Thank you Uday. I hope you keep liking the reviews written by me. I prefer to add my own insights and perspectives to the stories I read.
    Thank you for visiting Finix Post and leaving a comment 🙂

  2. Hello Ann,
    Maybe you’re right but truthfully speaking, when I completed reading this book and sat down to write a review, this is all I could talk about. These are the thoughts which were wandering in my mind at that time and so did they reflect in this review.
    And I seriously regret missing the point that you mentioned. Thanks for adding it up.
    I haven’t been out of my own country so might not know what happens when you move out of your country and try to live in an alien place. Losing your way becomes obvious in such cases. Doesn’t it?

  3. Hi. I recently came across your blog. I love the way you express your feelings. Especially in the book reviews. Even i have a blog called damsel and angel.??☺️


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