Published in 2009, and still going strong as one of the best business books out there, Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck caught my attention when almost every YouTuber I follow for social media advice recommended the book. I heard loads of people talking about how the book changed their life. These were the new generation Internet marketers and influencers, and it got me curious.

Book Review: Crush It By Gary Vaynerchuck

Fast forward to when I ordered the book – Crush It, and started reading it. The short book, it’s only 142 pages long, can be read in one sitting. I read it in one sitting. The book is written by one of the most popular people on the internet – Gary Vaynerchuck who is known for creating Wine Library TV, a YouTube channel all about wines, created to boost Gary’s family business. Soon after, Gary got invested into internet marketing and influencer and he worked really hard on making his personal brand, so much that millions of people follow him for business advice and to get motivated.

So, Crush It is all about what Gary had to say about using social media to your advantage. If you’re interested as a business owner or an individual creator to leverage the power of social media, this book might be for you. Might be.

Book Review: Crush It By Gary Vaynerchuck

See, a lot of things in this book are relevant. Gary always focuses a lot on hard work, he says there’s no other way to get successful. He also manages to pump you up to work harder, on the things you want to accomplish.

He discusses how passion is everything and then goes on to give you some practical tips on how to create your personal brand, create content – choosing a platform, creating right content, marketing it and monetising it. However, apart from the sections that inspired me to work harder, spread through out the book, the book barely has any information.

You don’t get many practical tips on everything, it hardly goes into any detail. That disappointed me. I mean, I wasn’t expecting it to be full of marketing jargon, I didn’t want it to be but I still expected more results from this book. It’s probably because of the hype created by people about this book, I expected a lot and I was a bit disappointed in the end.

However,  the book is certainly worth my time and money. The fact that it’s short, inexpensive and manages to inspire you to work harder, makes it a fulfilling read. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to people looking for business books and books about social media but go into it by keeping your expectations in check.

My ratings: 3.5/5 stars

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