Have you ever been interested in management – the business world where you can become a billionaire in a day and a beggar in a second? How many times have you been fascinated with movies portraying businessmen turning the tables and make a fortune in couple of days? How many times have you experienced stories like these and how much star struck you got each time?

I have always been interested in stories like these – business, management and at the same time, I have been interested in those ‘bad guy’ stories where thieves are the heroes. And when I came across Business Doctors which is a story blending both of my interests, I couldn’t say no.

business doctors book review

Business Doctors is the story of a highly educated management consultant, Michael Schneider who goes through the most unexpected moment in his life when he gets hired by Woody – a mafia don who runs a huge empire of all the illegal stuff.

Woody is going through tough times in his business and he certainly needs help to keep his business running. Schneider, though a very efficient management consultant, is also going through similar circumstances because of recession and is looking for a way to last a bit longer in this tough battle to survive the recession than his competitors.

Reluctantly, Schneider takes up the charge to analyze what’s wrong with the Woody’s business and goes on re-launching the entire organization into the world of crime.

This is what Business Doctors is all about. Written by Sameer Kamat, Business Doctors is … well, before my review, let me tell you more about the author.

About the author of Business Doctors

Having done his MBA from the University of Cambridge, Sameer Kamat is an entrepreneur and is the proud founder of MBA Crystal Ball. Before stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur, Sameer has worked as a senior management professional and has a several years of professional experience in the same field.

Business Doctors is the second book from this author. The first book by Sameer Kamat is Beyond the MBA Hype which was published by HarperCollins India.

But seems like the author had wanted to experiment this time so instead of buttering the publishers, he went for self publishing and hence comes Business Doctors, a self-published book by a best-selling author.

Review of Business Doctors

Cover Page

The cover page of the book scores quite well when it comes to presentation and creating anticipation about the book. A guy dressed in proper suit with a gun in his hand and tagline like – ‘Management Consulting Gone Wild’. It really makes you think what this book could present.

The cover page is simple but interesting. But as many who read my reviews know, I don’t pay much attention to cover pages for what lies inside the book is more important to me. So, without thinking much about cover, I went on to read.. Read the story of Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat.

Business Doctors Plot

The book starts with an unexpected scene (can’t disclose much or you would curse me for the spoilers) but still, the beginning really amazed me and excited me. I must say the author played a very clever part while presenting this book for if the beginning would have been a bit different; somehow that fever pitch would have been marred.

Then comes the main characters and that’s when the fun part begin. Each character in the book has been given quite a lot of attention. While I was reading the book, I could examine that the book is written by a management guy for the plot of the book is planned very well.

Business Doctors Book Review

There wasn’t a point when I would think like ‘where’s the story or why am I reading this’. There are books like Sita’s Curse which have no story at all and then there are books like The Song of Ice and Fire where the story is stretched way too long. But this book, Business Doctors, has story exactly the way it should be, it tells you what happens with the details that are required. The story of the book has an element of surprise and interest, which is the most impressive part according to me (for there are not many books these days which manage to have formidable plot).

Business Doctor

Another positive point is the humor which has been put into the book. Reading this book was an exciting journey in itself. So, without beating about the bush, I would say that storyline of this book is perfect for a perfect reading experience.

Well, I have already told you that the book has a consummate storyline and has an arresting narration style as well. Do I still need to tell whether I liked the book or not?

Though the unjustified font on the pages made me feel a bit distracted but the story and the narration style of the book completely covered it up.

If you’re a person who gets fascinated by the word ‘management’ or if you’re a reader hungry for a good book, pick this up. I think people with any kind of taste in books would like to read this book. It’s a solid story packed up with dramatic writing skills. You can’t just let it go.

Grab it as soon as possible and tell me what you think about it. (Though I know, your viewpoint would be same as mine but still.. )

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    • Yes Samir, This book is really a good one. I enjoyed reading it a lot. You should also consider reading this book. I am sure you would have a great time.
      Do let me know when you finish reading this book.. I would be looking forward for more views about this book. 🙂

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