Have you ever had that feeling of being so deeply involved in a book that your heart beat is controlled by each line you read on those pages marked with black ink? Have you ever realized yourself traveling into an entirely different world while turning the pages of a book? Do you know when does someone experience such things while reading?

book review by brida

It happens when someone reads a masterpiece which has been written by a master of words who possesses the power to build a new world and hold your hands, and let you enter the new world that he has created. And I cannot describe what I am feeling after traveling into that human-built world probably because now, as I have completed reading that book; I am in my own world created by God.

The book, which pictured a story of a young and beautiful Irish girl and described her path to her quest for knowledge and depicted her journey where she finds the answers she has been searching for in her life, is the one which allowed me to have this entirely different experience. Brida by Paulo Coelho is the book I am talking about.

Truthfully speaking, I wasn’t going to pick this book for reading if the guy at the bookstore had not insisted that I should read this book. For once, I was too amazed by his confidence in the book. “Mam, take this one, you would love this.” I don’t know how he was so sure for there was no way he could have guessed my taste for books. But at the end, I had this book in my hand which was going to accompany me in a 5-hour long journey to my home.


Plot of Brida

So, what is Brida all about? It’s about a girl who is too curious to find answers to some unanswered mysteries of life. She is determined and starts moving to her path of ‘discovery of her soul’. With the help of a sagacious man and a woman, she tries to learn the things that she needs to find the answer. But this isn’t all. This journey of Brida has everything which a normal human being has in his life – doubts, fear, pain, love, and mystery.

“A moving tale of love, passion, mystery and spirituality from the master storyteller and the author of The Alchemist.”

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Truthfully speaking, the last few words in the above quote made me a bit doubtful about my decision to read this book for the last time I read The Alchemist; I was disappointed, but now, I understand why it was so. To understand what Paulo Coelho writes, you need actually to live in his world and try to read each line as if it was written to tell your story, not the story of a shepherd or an Irish girl.

The book is a masterpiece, and I would recommend everyone to read it even if ‘fiction’ is not your cup of tea. Give it a try! You won’ regret it. The book is filled with amazing life lessons and amazing moments which are worth living. And I am proud to say that these 266 pages were one of the best pages I have ever read.

My Ratings: 5/5 stars

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