What I love about books is the imprint they leave on me. The subject may be simple, but if it makes me think over and over again, I feel it’s a good book. Most of the times, you read and move on. If something sticks with you, feel lucky for you’ve read a good book.


Today these thoughts are running through my mind while I have been thinking about the Ayden’s Choice by Sam Felix. It’s a young adult book that’s based around the theme of cyberspace and how a talented boy with a messed up life ends up in a complicated set of situations. It’s the book #1 of a series that’s being called Nele Vonlanthen series.


What fascinated me was how the book was a short quick read. But that’s the same thing that disappointed me. You see, if you end up picking a bad book, all you want is for it to end. But if you like the story, writing and characters, you want more of it. And when you have to wait, it isn’t the best thing happening to you.

Story of the Ayden’s Choice

The story revolves around a boy with a messed up family. An abusive father and a mother who is just staying with this horrible person for the sake of this boy… imagine the emotional pressure that’s on this teenager. Then he gets a chance. He figures out he truly has a chance to get away from all that and have a better life. He, naturally, wants the same for his mother but that will have to wait.

The dilemma which this kid is going through and the turn of events are too sudden. Everything happens in a moment, and the protagonist just can’t decide what he should be doing. But things are happening, and some awful incidents shake the readers as well as this young individual.


The characters aren’t as diverse as one would expect. These are simple characters which you’ll love or hate. But, authors have a knack for saying more than they do. So, there are instances where you’re given the hints on how complicated the characters are. For example, the horrible father may not be that bad at all. Maybe it was just because of the upbringing. But the author doesn’t dig deeper into it, and I would have preferred such deep characterisation.

Writing Style

The writing is simple but beautiful. There are some beautiful lines which will make you realize the joy of reading. The pace you can build with the writing the book has is fantastic, and you’ll just want to flip the pages.

Overall, Ayden’s Choice has astonishingly left an imprint on my mind. It’s been a long time since I read it, reviewed it on my Booktube channel and ideally, I should have even forgotten that I had to write the review on my blog as I always did. But the book keeps coming back to me… the ease of reading, the quick experience and the messed of characters. I cannot help but think what exactly will come up in the next book for it surely won’t be about the teenager’s family anymore. It’ll be deeper and darker I assume.

I would definitely recommend you to grab the ebook and try this book. It’s a good start to a series, and I personally have high hopes for the series. Would love to know what you think!

Image source: Nele Vonlanthen Facebook page

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  1. Thank you for your review! I’m working on getting together all the notes with Jane, she is the Deceptionist from Ayden’s choice, so our book team can create the next book. The next book will tell you the story how Jane grew up and the path she took that finally lead her into our organization…

    Stay smart

    PS: News nobody knows yet – we have the first sketches from Jane’s comic character.


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