What comes to your mind when you hear this title “All signs lead back to you”? According to me it means no matter where or how far you have gone in your life, you’ll always long for your loved ones!! It is a human tendency to get emotionally attached, and this has been very well told by the author. As the name suggests, All Signs Lead Back To You is a romance novel.

All signs lead back to you

About the plot of All Signs Lead Back To You

It is a book about friendships and love. The friendship between Diya and Ashwin, Nina and Diya and their truthfulness towards one another. Diya and Ashwin are best friends in school, but their friendship turns into love and later their love story falls apart on the last day of school because of the insecurities of Diya.

She doesn’t know what future holds for them, and she does not want to feel the pain of getting apart due to circumstances and that is the reason she abruptly breaks up with Ashwin on the last day leaving him with a sea of questions.

All through this, Nina has played the role of a true friend who stood by Diya through her thick and thin. Ashwin and Diya never thought that they both would cross paths again in future, but it did happen in the third year of their college life.

They both had feelings for each other which never died and then there are some unanswered questions.  Though they both have their partners, it could not stop them from meeting each other, and it gives birth to a new set of problems.

Characters of All signs Lead Back To You

The characters are absorbing and very different from one another. Each of them holds a specific place in the story.

Diya Rai: She is the central character of the story which is a self-absorbed girl. Her actions make the people near her face terrible consequences because she is very impromptu for everyone. She is an enigma. She does not let anyone come into her life because of her troubled past.

Ashwin Chowdhary:  Ashwin is Diya’s best friend in school who later becomes her boyfriend. He is a regular guy next door. He lives with his mother and brother. His life gets twisted whenever Diya is around, and yet he loves her a lot. Ashwin is very calm in nature as compared to Diya.

Nina Gonzales: Nina is a happy go lucky college girl who does not have many friends. Diya is her best friend since the day one of the college. Nina is very much opposite to that of Diya but still they get along pretty well. Nina values her friendship with Diya very much. Nina and Ashwin get along very well.

Trina: Trina is a primed college girl. She is a part of a music band in college. She is interested in Ashwin, but they both are not dating each other. Diya does not like Trina because Ashwin is interested in Trina. Trina is in the same college with  Diya and Nina.

Rishabh: Rishabh is that quintessential rich, cool guy whom Diya is dating currently. He is also a lead vocalist of a college band other than Trina’s. He is very much in love with Diya, but she does not reciprocate the same. Nina does not like Rishabh at all.

Story And Writing Style

I really liked the way the author has knitted the story with Diya and Ashwin narrating the story in both present as well as past. A lot of time has been taken to describe each and every detail about their feelings The author has described the story very eloquently.

This book is a cute story showing friendships, love, and break-ups. What I didn’t like about this story is that there are many parts of the story which are very much predictable. So many clichéd moments in the story didn’t strike a chord with me. There could be a little less drama towards the ending of the book.

My ratings: 3/5

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About The Author

Aniesha Brahma started writing at the tender age of six. She also happens to be the social media manager for BEE Books. General Press published her debut novel, The Secret Proposal (2012) and was followed by When Our Worlds Collide (2015) by the same publisher. She blogs at www.anieshabrahma.com and runs an online magazine, BUZZ Magazine. She can be contacted at aniesha.brahma@gmail.com. She lives in Kolkata with her family and her five super adorable cats!

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