After the bloodcurdling and boring 40 days, here I am again. Yes, the founder of Finix Post is back!

How awesome it feels to introduce you as a ‘founder’ of something as cool as a blog. Isn’t it? Yep, nowadays every second person owns a blog but when it comes to serious bloggers, there are only few still in existence. And I consider myself one of those ‘few’ people. Am I?

If you ask a serious blogger about taking a break from his blog, you are probably asking him to stop breathing. It is so with me. When my best friends asked me to stop whining about my studies and take a break from the work which I love to do (blogging), I was extremely offended.

Blogging Break

How would you feel if someone tells you that the thing which you love the most is the greatest hindrance in the path of your success?

But with the same pained feeling, I did make the tough decision and went on a 40 day break. A break for me meant not to post on my blog but yep, I kept writing as you can’t really stop breathing. Can you?

And today is the end of my blogging break. This also means that from now onwards, you are going to get regular updates on this blog which makes it a must for you to subscribe to my blog.

As I promised, my first post after my blogging break had to be about my experience of these 40 days. Please note that I am going to exclude the experience I had while preparing for those stupid PTU exams.  Is there anyone who likes exams? Do contact me. I need serious help!

So, let’s start from why we actually need a blogging break.

Why you need a blogging break?

1. Important Life Events: Every day we face new things in our life. Some are important and some are not. There are some life events which are inevitable and which seek your utmost attention even when you have something ‘more important’ (your blog).

At such a time, trying to handle both the things would do you no good and so you should consider taking a blogging break.
My case has been a bit different. My reason was just peer pressure 😛

But if you have a reason like this (Important life events), don’t hesitate. You must do what is right – take a blogging break!

2. Too exhausted to blog: I know you love your blog and that’s what you really want to do but a time like this comes in everyone’s life when you are feeling too low to pursue what you love. Even the most pleasant thing in your life seems unattractive.

You know blogging makes you feel happy but still you don’t feel right. At such a time, you must know that you’re just exhausted.

Give yourself a break. Go for a short road trip or spend a lazy week doing nothing. You really need this!
3. Re-launching the blog: When my previous project The Perception World failed due to technical issues, I had an option to set up the blog on the new domain I had already bought but instead, I decided to wait for one month.

I could have installed the backup I had but then I realized that the re-launch should be a bit cooler than my previous project.

So, I took one month break and came up with Finix Post and I know each one of you like it. Don’t you? So, if you are planning a re-launch, take a blogging break, work on the re-launch and then come back. It would be much better.

How to take a blogging break?

Blogging Break

You know why blogging break is such a no-no thing in blogosphere? Because many people don’t know how to do it rightly. If you’re not intending to take a break the ‘right’ way, drop the plan right now. You would end up ruining your blogging career.

Here are some of my tips which are very much necessary while taking a blogging break, according to me.

1. Inform your readers: Yes, they would obviously know when you would stop posting or once you’re back. But at the same time, they would also know that you don’t care for them. And why would anyone want to read a blog of a person who doesn’t even have etiquettes to say ‘good bye’.

Suppose, we’re having a very serious discussion and suddenly, I disappear. How would you feel? Won’t you feel irritated for you kept waiting for my reply and I never messaged back?

Same happens with your readers. So before you go on the blogging break, take out time to write a post informing your readers about your plans. Some people call this as a bad strategy, but I find this good and the only one acceptable.

2. Guest Authors: If you accept guest authors on your blog, try to get them to write for your blog. If possible, schedule their posts before going on the break to avoid any issues.

It’s also helpful when some important assignment comes in. Instead of just saying no, you can ask the guest authors to write for you.

3. Schedule: If you’re still worried about losing your readers or having a stale blog, try to write some extra posts before you go on a break and schedule the posts according to your regular schedule.

This way only a few would know that you’re on a break.

3 Blogging Break mistakes that most of the people do

1. Stop promoting it: I know promotion strategy is a part of blogging but even when you’re not blogging, there should be no excuse for not promoting. If not your own work, you can share good stuff written by your fellow bloggers.

Don’t worry! Your followers would like it. No one likes a person who talks just about himself. Right?

2. Checking the stats again & again: This is one mistake which I did for most of the days during my blogging break. I used to check my site’s alexa rankings and then sobbed for the rank fell down.

If you’re not posting and not even promoting (lazy me!) your blog, the ranks would fall down for sure but instead of worrying about that and spoiling your break, you should refrain from checking the ranks and just enjoy!

You can get a better rank once you get back. Can’t you?

3. Thinking too much about your blog: Your blog isn’t your girlfriend or boyfriend. Stop worrying about it so much. Let it rest in peace for a few days. You know you’re going to keep troubling it for your whole life. It actually deserves some rest. 😛

Things I learned from my blogging break

Well, the list is long but as the post is already very long and I am unsure that each one of you would stick to this till so long, I would like to sum up my experience of blogging break with these two lines:

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  1. was my first blog, I started it to serve those who wanted to learn Editing, Motion Graphics and Film Making. After writing about 5-6 articles, I left the blog alone and created a new tech blog since I thought it will be much cooler to write about technology. After working on that tech blog for almost 4 months, i realized the niche was not for me. So, I relaunched Editingcorp, removed all the previous articles and started writing on something I actually love to do. Currently the blog is doing well and my alexa rankings are also quite satisfactory.

    • I never knew that you worked on some other blog as well..
      That’s how it is.. isn’t it? Now, many people know you for which is seriously an amazing blog, even for a non-techie like me.. I do love reading your posts.. 🙂
      So, you consider relaunching a good decision.. right?
      I must admire the courage you gathered to chuck up the previously published posts.. I could have never done that 😛

  2. Yes, relaunching it was the best decision. In fact my blog is the only thing keeping me close to my passion and hobby. I am doing Motion Graphics from last 5 years and will do that for my entire life.

  3. Hi Manpreet,
    I just found your note at Nikhil’s place and now I am here
    Indeed its nice to be at the place of yet another Indian blogger
    I fully agree with your point mentioned here in relation to blogging break!
    Of course we all need a break, but in the case of this subject i can;t even
    think of going for a break LOL
    of course few days its ok but a great break like 40 days can’t even imagine it
    nice that you brought out some solution to it, but in case if we do not have guest bloggers
    what will be the fate! LOL
    Anyways I too need some break I feel in this tedious job 🙂
    I am sure these tips given here will surely be a help in that case 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this valuable tips.
    May you have great blogging days ahead
    Best Regards
    Have a good day and a Happy week end
    Keep informed
    ~ Philip

    • My break was almost forced 😛 but yep, you’re right.. what if we don’t have guest bloggers and truthfully speaking, I really didn’t have many guest bloggers so I ended up posting almost nothing (2 posts in 40 days instead of 15+) and it did make a bad effect on my blog’s traffic but still, I am sure I will reach the same where I was before the break.. or maybe I would do better this time..
      And if you really want a break.. take help from fellow bloggers. I am sure we all will be ready to help. Count me in.. 🙂

      • Hi Manpreet,
        What a pleasant surprise! 🙂
        I am so glad to see you at my place
        and ha, of course for this quick reply
        and the wonderful offer 🙂
        I a privileged to be in your count. 🙂
        Keep informed.
        Have a Blessed Weekend

        • Ir’s my pleasure 🙂
          And your work is worth appreciating.. I am going to revisit and pick up some more posts to read. 🙂

    • Wow Philip, that’s really nice of you. And I really hope that this post would be of help to other bloggers. Afterall that’s the only objective of that post. 🙂
      Give me the link of the community where you posted. Is it possible?

    • Aaditya, Don’t see it from the lens of blog traffic, blog rank etc. A break does have a bad impact on blog stats but it has a brilliant impact on your own personality, life and even on the quality of your work. Have you ever tried blogging break? I would like to know your experience in detail…

  4. Hi,

    we all need a break, but in the case of this subject i can;t even
    think of going for a break LOL
    of course few days its ok but a great break like 40 days can’t even imagine it
    nice that you brought out some solution to it, but in case if we do not have guest bloggers what will be the fate! LOL
    Anyways I too need some break I feel in this tedious job 🙂
    I am sure these tips given here will surely be a help in that case 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this valuable tips.

    • Hello Hiten, you can handle a break even if you don’t have the guest bloggers. You can write some posts and schedule then in advance. this way your blog would have fresh content and no one would actually know that you’re on a break 😛


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