Blogging is the most wanted profession these days. Imagine earning hundreds of dollars every single day by working from home according to your own will and interest. Cool. Isn’t it?


At this very moment, there would be thousands of people searching for how to start a blog and there are millions of blogs running on the internet at present which are talking about the same thing – how to start blogging. Then why am I talking about this? One because many of you actually asked me about this and I am no one to disobey my readers. Two because I feel every blog on Blogging is either too advanced or too confusing for a person who doesn’t even know what blogging actually means.

Oh! I forgot to mention – it is too TIME CONSUMING. What if I tell you about almost everything in just a few points? Won’t that be good? Once you know the basics, you can easily delve into details. Right?

So, here is everything you need to know to start blogging.

benefits of blogging

  1. You need to be clear of your vision of why you want to start blogging.
  2. If you want to start blogging to earn money, quit now. Money is something that comes as a perk of being a blogger. But that must never be the driving force.
  3. Find out what you want to talk about. Any topic that you find interest in could be the niche of your blog.
  4. Don’t go for multi-niche in the beginning. It would be too difficult to handle. Start with one topic and keep adding more if you want.
  5. Choose a good domain name for you blog. Prefer a name that describes what you’re going to talk about in your blog.
  6. Choose the platform you would use to set up your blog. This article on 3 Best Blogging Platforms for a newbie blogger might help.
  7. Buy the domain name and get the hosting (if you choose self hosted blog).
  8. Plan the articles you would want to post on your blog.
  9. No copy paste of articles. Each and every word should be original and typed with your fingers.
  10. Prepare a bunch of articles (preferably 10-20) before you actually start posting them.
  11. Once you have a number of articles, post them on the blog. And keep preparing and posting more articles consistently.
  12. Use stock images/ copyright free images to avoid any legal issues in future.
  13. Set up social media profiles for you blog on sites like Facebook, Twitter, google+ etc.
  14. Time to get some readers for your blog. Start sharing your blog posts with your social network and on your social media profiles.
  15. Join blogging communities like Indiblogger, Klinkk, aha-now community etc.
  16. Start leaving valuable comments on other blogs.
  17. Start networking with fellow bloggers in your city and country.
  18. Start sharing your content on social bookmarking sites. This article about 5 Social bookmarking Sites that every blogger must use might help.
  19. Start looking for guest posting options to reach to a wider set of audience.
  20. Build an email list to convert your blog’s visitors into regular readers of your blog.
  21. Read about SEO and start doing it.
  22. Look for monetizing options. Apply for adsense or some other good ad network. Try Affiliate sales. This article about what are affiliate sales might help.
  23. Try sponsored posts, reviews or creating and selling your own product to make more money out of it.
  24. Start interacting with your audience. Reply to their comments and encourage them to interact more.
  25. Read and Read. The more you read the more you know and better blogger you would become.
  26. Keep writing more content and working on promotion, networking and monetization and soon you would be a popular and well established blogger.

I wanted to keep this article as short as possible. Of course, you would have a number of questions on each of the point I talked of above. Shoot the questions now. Let me know whatever you would like to ask me about blogging and I promise you to answer those questions with detailed blog posts or detailed replies in minimum time. Let’s do it! Let’s be the awesome ones… Let’s START BLOGGING.

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