Are you a blogger? Who isn’t these days? But there’s a big difference between informed and uninformed bloggers. It’s the latter who would never make it to the ‘professional bloggers’ list. That’s bad.

Being informed about what you’re doing, even if it’s a hobby, is important. As a blogger, there are certain metrics that will help you measure your growth and success. Wondering what are those?

blog metrics

  1. Total Pageviews

There was a time when your brand deals depended on this. How many times your articles are being read per month? When I had started, more than 5000 page views per month were considered good. Now, with the rise in internet using population, the numbers have risen but if you’re a beginner, your first goal should be to hit at least 5000 page views per month for at least three continuous months.

How would you measure this? I have two recommendations –

  1. jetpack stats
  2. google analytics.

2. Total Sessions

This is a more advanced way to figure out how many actual number of people visit your blog. The metric can be measured by installing the google analytics code on your website. In fact, Google analytics is a very powerful tool that allows you to check a lot of metrics in one go – audience demographics, traffic sources, most-read pages etc.

3. Search Queries

Another metric that you can measure via a Google product called Google Search Console. You can find out for what terms or keywords, your website is appearing in Google search results. You can also find out the total impressions per search keyword, Click through ratio and total clicks you get per keyword. All those things will help you be informed about what is working and what’s not for the SEO of your blog.

4. DA of your blog

DA stands for domain authority. For the longest time, people argued about its importance. It is important and you need to score the highest number. It’s basically a score your website gets (you can check it here) out of 100. The higher the score, the better it is.

How DA affects you? Well, DA is supposed to indicate the ranking ability of your blog in search engines results. Most of the brands and SEOs use this number to decide whether they want to partner with you for a sponsored post or not. Do you get why it’s important now?

5. Alexa Rank

Well, this is the most controversial. People think it’s a totally irrelevant metric which doesn’t go even close to the real numbers of your website. However, the lazy PRs have been using this number to pitch their clients since like blogging was introduced. So, Alexa rank isn’t going anywhere. You better start caring about it.

Those are the five metrics you should care as a blogger, professional or hobby blogger or going to be professional blogger, whatever you’re, care about them, work on them, improve them. Start monitoring them regularly and your blog will automatically start growing. Good luck.

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