Black Suits You is the title of the author that made the readers beg for more books after his amazing Stranger Trilogy. I can’t imagine how many people messaged me to pick the Stranger Trilogy.

But as Black Suits You came up, I decided to pick this up first.

What the book Black Suits You is about?

It’s the story of a bestselling author who wrote an erotica trilogy named handcuffs. With his mysterious personality, he has always stayed away from the limelight. But due to the pressure of his publishers, he decides to go public and on a multiple cities book tour.

On one of such tours, he meets a mysterious girl who livens up his darkest fantasies and slowly makes him tread along some dangerous and unexpected path. Soon, the author is stuck with something deep and dark.

The book is about how it all happens and what happens next.

Book Review of Black Suits You

Black suits you book review


I would first like to begin with the pace of the book. It was fast. And you go even faster due to the mysteries blended in the plot. Within a few pages, you find yourself deep inside this book’s world and start thinking of what will happen next. What was that gift? Who the hell is she? Is she real? Is she really going to do it? What would he do now?

Trust me! When you read this book, you will have the exact same questions in your mind. There’s not just one mystery. The author makes you think so much and then leaves you with a completely unexpected and unforeseen ending.


Kiyan is a character you will love and hate at points. In the middle of the book, I was about to quit reading it just because I was so angry with Kiyan. I do that often. For example, I stopped watching Gilmore Girls in the middle of season 2 just because Rory had feelings for Jess when she was love in Dean. These little emotions and slips of hearts are very serious to me.

But that’s how the character is. You’ll love him and you’ll hate him. You’ll be worried for him and then you would wish the worst for him. You’ll be awed by him and then you’ll be disgusted by him. The vice versa for all three is also true.

Then there’s this mysterious girl who gives Kiyan a gift that stays a mystery until the early end of the book. Oh god! She is creepy and I hated her. But the character was presented really nicely. I haven’t found a character that creepy every before.

There’re some more important characters in the book but as I never like to give spoilers, I wouldn’t mention it for it couldn’t find their mentions in the blurb. However, I truly loved the third main character of the book which acts, sometimes, even more, unpredictable than Kiyan or that mysterious creepy girl.

Writing Style

The book is written from two perspectives – Kiyan and a girl’s diary which somehow reminded me of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn but the book certainly doesn’t turn how I had expected while making that connection.

However, I loved the flow of the book. It’s easy to read and will keep you interested in it.

My experience with Indian authors describing sexual scenes hasn’t been good. There’s this fine line between writing sensuously and vulgarly and I had the idea in mind that Indian authors almost always cross the line. But it was a pleasant surprise that even when the book is a psychosexual thriller, it never crosses that line.


I just fell deep into this book. I was so into the storyline that even when I didn’t feel like reading, I continued reading this book for I couldn’t stop after a point. I like the flow, narration and presentation of this entire story.

I am carefully omitting the word ‘love’ for that’s how I feel. I really liked the book. It was a great experience to read it and I think people who enjoy psycho-sexual thrillers would really like it.

My ratings

3.5/5 stars





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