Looking for best foods to eat in winters? Don’t miss out the following in the list!

Winter season is highly loved by one and all. The nip in the air after the scorching summer heat serves like a whiff of fresh air. Add to that the impending festivities in the winter months, and it is no wonder that everyone looks forward to this season with lots of excitement.

With such great things happening, how can food be far behind? So today we have put together a list of the best foods to eat in winters. These wonders are surely going to delight your taste buds. Here we go!

  • Gajar Halwa

gajar ka halwa
source: pixaby.com

God could not be everywhere to make us happy, so He made gajar halwa. Exaggerated as it may sound, but the matter of fact is that this is one dish which is a pleasure to have during the winter months. Finely grated carrots, cooked over a prolonged period of time, combined with dollops of ghee, sugar, mawa, and milk, and topped with dry fruits, and you have a culinary wonder on hand. If you ask us the best foods to eat in winters, this one definitely ranks amongst the top.

  • Besan Laddoo

besan laddoo
source: commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:PJ.wikilovesfood

Another one in the list of best foods to eat in winters, besan laddoo serves not only as a delicacy, but also adds to the strength and immunity of the body in fighting flu during the cold winter months. Besan, ghee, sugar, and nuts come together to make this wonder food. One laddoo a day with a warm cup of tea, and you are sorted for the entire season.

  • Gur Rice

If old world charm had to have a pictorial representation, then farmers making fresh gur in the sugarcane fields of North India would win hands down. Gur is a very popular digestive aid used in this part of the world, and offers numerous other health benefits too. How to use this wonder ingredient to churn out one of the best foods to eat in winters? Gur rice is an amazing dessert that you can make easily at home. Just replace sugar with gur in the usual recipe of cooking sweet rice, and you are done.

  • Pinni

How can we forget the amazing pinnis while talking about the best foods to eat in winters! Winter months can be a testing time when it comes to keeping the body internally warm. And this is where the good old pinni comes to the rescue. Made using a variety of ingredients, pinni and a glass of warm milk are the perfect start to a winter morning.

  • Moong Dal Halwa

moong dal ka halwa
source: commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:PJ.wikilovesfood

Another delicacy in the world of halwas is the moong dal halwa. Moong dal as an ingredient, is easily available in households. Soaked overnight, and then mashed and cooked with a rich blend of sugar, ghee, and dry fruits, this one is a foodie’s delight. Ask your mom or grandmother about this one, and you will know what we are talking about. Best foods to eat in winters? Moong dal halwa for sure!

  • Gajjak

source: flickr

Anyone who has been an avid follower of the Lohri festival would know what we are referring to here. With a large number of variants available in til, gur, and peanuts, gajjak is one of the quintessential winter foods. It can be had anywhere during any time of the day, and that is what makes it all the more amazing.

Besides the above mentioned delicacies, winters also have on offer an array of delicious hot beverages. Milk with gur, kadha kesar milk, hot rabri served with crispy jalebis, and the list goes on.

Winter season has its own charm, and these best foods to eat in winters definitely add to the joy quotient. Soak in the warmth and the tastes as you enjoy the chill in the air. Happy winters!


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