Ever since I moved to Delhi, I have been hearing how West Delhi is a neglected foodie’s paradise. People are too wowed with the new food joints in Hauz Khas, Connaught Place and anywhere else but in West Delhi. But as I put up in West Delhi, I have had plenty of chances to explore food around this area, and I have never been disappointed. From simple roadside food joints to franchise restaurants and from favorite restaurants to newly launched lounges, I have loved most of them.

The recent addition to this race of new food joints is Drama Upside Down Bar in Rajouri Garden. The restaurant comes from the creators of one of my favorite restaurants in Delhi – Unplugged Courtyard. They’re known for adding some irresistible signature dishes. Hence, I could not contain my excitement when I was invited to review the place with some of my food blogger friends.

Read on to know about my experience of this location as well as about the best dishes to have in Drama Upside Down Bar.

Must-Try Food at Drama Upside Bar

  1.  Whatsapp Kebab

whatsapp kebab at dram upside down bar

It’s one of the signature dishes of at this place. Whatsapp kebabs are kebabs made with mix vegetables and filled with a ton of cheese. The amount of cheese in this recipe is certainly generous, and the coating is fried but dry. The mixture was bland and all my sensory buds could detect was cheese. Rest of it wasn’t that impressive. I certainly felt that there were better dishes in the menu than this. Why is it still in the best dishes list then? Because a lot of my friends liked it. Try it at your own risk.

2. Bun Faad Paneer

bun faad paneer at drama upside bar

The concept of the dish initially confused me, but all that memory got erased the moment I tasted this dish. It consists of round balls made of cheese and paneer. The recipe is quite similar to chilli paneer but is superb. You’ll just gulp the balls in like seconds. There was also gravy served with the dish. I didn’t taste it. I was too busy relishing the meal even without it.

3. Grilled Pinwheel

Brace yourself! Here comes my favorite dish from Drama upside down bar. These are grilled pinwheels made with a special stuffing of Ratatouille. Ratatouille is a dish that I know of only because of the movie with a cute mouse. I have been fascinated with what this dish is ever since then and I loved the taste of it in grilled pinwheels. Ratatouille is a mix of veggies combined with tasty sauces. It goes well with the brown bread coating and is a perfect starter dish. It’s served with little dots of green chutney and tastes well.

4. Chin Chin Chicken

chin chin chicken

To be truthful, I resolved to have just little bites of every single dish to do this review. But here’s a recipe that made me break the pact – chin chin chicken. The crunchy and spicy chunks of chilli chicken just made me hungrier than ever. I had two servings of this dish by myself. I did feel that the presentation was senseless. Too many chillies make the plate look fuller, and you raise your expectations about the quantity of the dish, but when you see just the average amount of chicken chunks, you get disappointed. The whole dish looked messy and unappealing but don’t forget to try it despite that. The taste will make you think beyond everything like that.

5. Agneepath Murgi

Agneepath Murgi

It’s chicken served with charcoal. Now again the concept of the dish wasn’t impressive, but the overall taste was fantastic. The use of ganna (sugarcane) wasn’t something I would go for and the charcoal… I seriously doubt that one small chunk of charcoal would be enough if I had wanted a rich, smoky flavor in the dish. Ignoring these two things, I gulped the pieces and totally loved those. There was a slightly smoky flavor (it could’ve been more if I had waited for a few more minutes to try it) and the juicy chicken just delighted me.

6. Faadu Fish Fire

drama upside down bar (12)

You won’t be able to satisfy yourself with one serving. You would order at least two of these for sure. It’s sweet, soft, crunchy and a dish you shouldn’t miss at Drama upside down bar. You will be stupid if you miss it. I loved everything about this dish… even those slightly salted chips which Indians usually consume during Navratri I guess. The sesame seeds went so well, and the presentation was good as well. Overall, it’s the best dish at the place according to me. (Saying a person who had recently developed a hatred towards fish. This dish made me change my mind.)

Apart from these, I tried dishes like pinjra chooza (okay), soups (not that great), seekh kebab (okay), Pinjra paneer (okay), Bambiya soya wings (ideal for soya chaap lovers) and hockey shockey (fine). I wouldn’t say all of the dishes in Drama upside down bar are fantastic, but when you know what to eat, you shouldn’t worry about that.

The concept of the restaurant is weird. It’s all ‘ulta’ (upside down) but still cozy enough to make you want to sit there for hours and indulge in conversations with your loved ones and friends.

(I couldn’t add the prices as the menu isn’t yet available on Zomato and I am not Sheldon Cooper to remember everything otherwise :P. Will update the prices once I find the menu. )

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Address: J-2/19, 1st – 3rd Floor, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

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