According to to a recent survey conducted by a crowd-sourced app named Woozoe, Bengaluru residents don’t just love idli-dosa. Their food preferences vary between Biryanis, North Indian, and Chinese Cuisine. According to the statistics revealed by app about this survey, more than 35% reviewers in the city are reviewing restaurants and foods other than South Indian.

North Indian Cuisine

This certainly doesn’t mean that the native dishes like Idli-Dosa are facing a threat. They still remain the most popular food items in the city. But the growing trend of other cuisines being liked by natives is evident. Half of the most popular dishes include North Indian, Chinese and variations of Biryani.

Food Journal team thinks it maybe because a lot of residents of the city are migrants from other parts of India or even from other countries. Bengaluru is of course the job hub and lakhs of people migrate to the city in search of jobs or to work for the companies that operate from Bengaluru. These people of course bring their own food preferences with themselves.

We even feel that statistics revealed through this survey are quite weak. Only food joints from Koramanagala and Indiranagar were reviewed for this survey.

Whether the food preferences of the Bengaluru people are actually changing or they’re just similar to as they were can be found out with a more detailed survey. Food Journal Team also thinks that it’s important to consider the migrants while doing such surveys.

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  1. Koramangala and Indiranagar are the IT or the commercial hub in Bengaluru. These areas are expensive, we don’t see any much of South Indian restaurants here mainly because of that. Comparatively South Indian food is cheaper than those restaurants we see at Indiranagar. There are places in Bengaluru where South Indian food still dominates. I agree we are adapting to North Indian, Chinese, Mexican restaurants, etc., but that doesn’t mean that South Indian Food is loosing its place. Many North Indian people here prefer South Indian food. There’s still a huge crowd at the places like MTR, Vidyarthi Bhavan, Veena Stores, CTR Sagar. Getting a Dosa, Idli, puliyogre etc. in these places isn’t that an easy task. So Yes, the survey team wasn’t that efficient in conducting a survey. Bengaluru isn’t defined by only these two areas.


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