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5 Skincare Routine Habits You NEED to Quit


Skincare routine is the most talked about and the most ‘mythical’ topic of all. All of us women have got one or the other skin issue, whether it’s pimples, spots, wrinkles or general conditioning of the skin.

And most of the suggestions that we get are what TO-DO to your skin.

skincare routine

Nobody tells us the more important – what NOT TO DO as a part of our skincare routine. And because of this confusion, most of us just follow TV trends and keep falling deeper and deeper into this pit. Well, no more.

I’m here to tell you 5 major skincare routine habits that you do everyday and that are really bad for your skin.

1.Over exfoliating

Exfoliating skin is very important as it removes dead skin cells and make it glow from within. But sometimes we find out skin very dirty or problematic and try to over exfoliate to get rid of the dirt.

over exfoliating

That is not healthy as it could permanently damage your skin surface. Use a mild scrub infused with glycolic acid to get rid of those skin problems. Use a walnut scrub if you’re fighting with dry skin. And please, in any condition DO NOT over exfoliate.

Check out my post if you have dry skin and you want a routine for skin care in winter.

2. Hard cleansing

Sometimes we use regular body soap or harsh body wash on our face too, which is a very bad habit. The harsh chemicals in these can remove all the moisture from your skin, leaving it drier and rougher.

hard cleansing

Always use a mild face wash to wash your face. Choose the face wash very smartly, depending upon the type of your skin. Also, make sure when you wash your hair, the shampoo doesn’t come in contact with your face.

It can also cause dryness and irritation to the skin.

3. Sun exposure

Stepping out in the sun without any protection is a strict no. Skin is very sensitive, and a direct sun exposure can cause burns, rashes, dullness and dark tan, all of these problems are very hard to cure.

sun exposure

So make sure you apply a sunscreen of proper SPF on your face and body parts that would be exposed to the Sun. If possible, keep a hat, scarf or a umbrella handy to add an additional layer of protection.

4. Messing up with pimples

Pimples are a curse of nature, but touching them and messing with them could make this curse even worse. Scratching or popping a pimple can cause more harm than good, as it can leave a permanent mark on your skin.

pimple care

Some pimples have cysts in them, and trying to opt them can push the infection further down into your skin and cause some serious skin problems, and trust me, you do not want that.

Generally, pimples crop up in humid weather so do read my post for skin care tips to deal with humid weather.

The best thing you can do is to let them heal on their own or visit a dermatologist if the case is serious.

5. Sleeping with makeup

Why would anyone want all those chemicals on their face for the whole night, also ruin their favorite bed sheets? Bad idea, right? But still, many of us do it. Being lazy myself, I can totally understand coming back home after a busy day and first thing you need is the bed.

But ladies, trust me, you wouldn’t want that makeup to keep ruining your skin for the whole night too. Wash your makeup every time before going to bed. Your skin will thank you.

sleeping with makeup

If you want to save money on makeup products don’t miss reading my article on some practical tips that can help you.

Very relatable, right? I hope now you will stop making these unintentional skincare mistakes and take care of your skin properly. What kind of skincare mistakes do you make? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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