Backlinks are one of the most important building blocks for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want search engines like Google to recognize your content as quality content, you need quality backlinks from other websites pointing to your content. The more backlinks you have, the more visibility through search engines you get.

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When I published 5 Reasons to prefer Google+ for Internet Marketing, a reader Neha Sharma commented on my post asking me how to get a Backlink from Google Plus? At that time, it became difficult for me to answer. But today, when I have managed to get a Backlink from Google Plus in 10 days, I do have the answer and I’m going to share it with you guys.

To get a Backlink from Google Plus, you need to make some serious and continuous efforts. The tasks aren’t difficult but they require consistency. I’m going to tell you what all I did for 10 days to get the Backlink from Google Plus.

But first, I want to give you the proof. Which site did I get backlink for? It is Many of you who have been reading my posts regularly know that I handle the social media marketing of this Delhi based Fashion brand and that’s how I got hold of their Google+ page and started working on it.

Though the Google+ page of Brijraj is quite old, the website was linked to the page just a few days back. And that’s when I started off with my goal to get a Backlink from Google Plus for Brijraj’s official shopping website.

So, how did I manage to do it?

One – by posting quality content regularly. Each day I posted on the Google+ page of Brijraj. The content was a mix of images and text. The post frequency was 5 to 8 posts a day. But here’s the catch – you can’t just post any content over there. You need to post content that’s relevant to your site. Also, you need to make a very careful use of hashtags. I included text descriptions with both texts based and image based posts. Also, the text descriptions should be a little long. One must consider ones Google+ page as a micro blog and post on it from that perspective.

I think achieving this objective was because of my good luck too. In those 10 days, there was one day when the hashtag WeddingDress was trending. As it was relevant to the Brijraj’s product, I picked up the hashtag and posted quite a lot of quality content using that hashtag on Google+. It showed a great increase in visibility and engagement of the Google+ posts by the page. And maybe that factor played a big role in getting the Backlink from Google Plus.

So far, I have discussed the most important aspect that helped me in getting the Backlink from Google Plus. But now, I want to discuss another serious issue – Followers! Yes, when I made my decision to work to get Backlink from Google Plus that too in an organic way, the first issue I had to address was followers. The Brijraj’s Google+ Page had only 34 followers. And it was nearly impossible to get engagement (+1s and comments) from such a small audience. Google+ would have never noticed my efforts on the page with such a small audience.

That’s why I decided to increase the number of followers. The only way through which I accomplished this task was Circle Sharing. I searched for circle sharing in Google+ and added the circles to my (Brijraj’s page) network. Now, Google+ has a limit of number of people you can add to your circles in one day. But that was okay. I added people until I reached the maximum limit and I continued to do this each day. Even now, I do this regularly and the page has nearly 400 followers until today’s date.

When I did my research about getting followers from Google+,  many suggested that circle sharing doesn’t really help; for if you are following 4000+ people and get 300 followers in return, Google+ is never going to notice you. But it did notice my work. So, I would say this is just a myth. Don’t worry about the number of people you follow. Just worry about getting more followers and adding shared circles to your circle is the best method I’ve discovered till now.

Next point – there isn’t any. Yes, I did only two things to get the very wanted Backlink from Google Plus.  It sounds unbelievable. Doesn’t it? Even I couldn’t believe it when I actually found out about the backlink but then there could be no other reason why Google+ showered its love on Brijraj’s Shopping Website for the whole thing is managed by me and I, being a very lazy person, don’t really bother to do much about backlinks unless someone challenges me to do it.

I hope you got to know how to do it for your own site. Here’s a small summary of what all you need to do get a Backlink from Google Plus for your website.

  1. Make a Google+ page and link your website to it.
  2. Start posting relevant and quality content.
  3. Search for trending hashtags on Google+ and use them in your posts.
  4. Include at least 50 words of text in your posts, even if they are image based posts.
  5. Search for Google+ shared circles and add them to your own circles.
  6. Start engaging with the audience, no matter how little it is. It will grow.
  7. Repeat these steps for 10 days (or until you get the Backlink from Google Plus)

I have always been driven by my passion which is to help you guys through this blog and challenges that really piss me off. And this is how I learn a lot of new things and share. If you want me to keep sharing all my experiences and lessons learnt by me, do subscribe to this blog. I will be waiting to see you in my mailing list.

And don’t forget to try this technique and get a Backlink from Google Plus. We will celebrate together!

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  1. Hello Ujjwal, I am glad that you liked my post.
    And I am sorry but I can’t help you with the question you asked for I have never indulged myself in getting backlinks in some black hat manner. I just consider doing whatever that can be done in an organic way like leaving quality comments on different relates sites and so on. See if that works for you. 🙂

  2. Hi Manpreet,

    Glad that i landed here and want to tell you’ve some great post here. I gone through few of your posts and all are awesome. I have also bookmarked few of those.

    Coming to this post, its really tough to get backlinks from the authority sites like Google+ and congratulation to you that you are among the one who get these backlinks. Your tips are awesome and i’m going to implement those.

    Thanks for sharing beautiful article here !!

    Ashutosh Jha


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