Warning: this is a very personal kind of conversation that I want to have with anyone who reads my blogs regularly. If you came across this blog to get something interesting or useful from this post, please look for other blog posts.

So, how are you? I know you must be angry with me or just worried for where I have been in the past week. There was literally not a single post in past 7 days. My writing schedule goes off sometimes but there has never been a time that I didn’t post for so many days (Except when I went for a 40 days break). What happened this time?

If I had to give one reason – I was sick. But I know that both of us won’t believe that this could be the reason why I wasn’t blogging. Come on! I even blogged when I almost had a fracture in my right hand and wasn’t able to type. (Yes, sometimes I love appreciating myself). Why didn’t I blog in past 7 days?

The biggest reason that eventually caused all the other reasons was criticism of people. Since the time a hater commented on my vlogs calling them extremely useless and boring, I have been going on and off with this whole thing – blogging and vlogging that I love doing.  Why? Because believe it or not, sometimes I just care too much about what people say.

back to blogging - manpreet blogger at finixpost youtuber

Then I started picking faults in the way I work. I wasn’t utilizing the knowledge I had. Yes, this might be again self appreciation but due to my extensive reading habit, I have read A LOT about every aspect of blogging and I know a lot of things that can give awesome results for my blog. But I never feel like working on them. Now, I started accusing myself of not giving my whole to this blog.

Then there were people who got extremely offended by my reviews. I believe in being extremely truthful to you guys while doing the reviews because if I don’t do that, there is no point of doing the reviews. I do reviews to help you guys and fake or biased reviews would just make you lose trust in me. But this kind of attitude is often hated by the PR companies, clients etc because even if they say it or not, they want a positive review from your side whenever they ask for a review. And I realized I am not a person who can do such a thing and that definitely meant almost the end of revenues I make from reviews.

back to blogging me manpreet

Then I started thinking about the content. Was my blog really serving what it was meant to be? I know, my vision for Finix Post has changed over the time period. But whatever it is now, was I working on it? The answer didn’t come as an affirmative.

Think about it! If you have so much that you think isn’t right in a piece of work, how can you still continue to work on it? You can only work once those problems are fixed. And this, my friend, is the thing that brought me back to blogging. We need to fix the problems. We need to get Finix Post to an awesome level so that you and I can relish being a part of it. Right?

So, even if you don’t want to 😛 , welcome me back to blogging & vlogging and shoot me with suggestions on what we should change to make this a better place. I am counting on you for the suggestions. Seriously.


  1. You look funny. Hay I recommend you to do review on non fiction. I am generally into psychology, philosophy, sci-fi and self help books. I read fiction rarely.
    Do post on your top favorite books. And keep updating videos on books you read in a month and your top picks.


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