If going to bathroom, and kitchen to get snacks are the only two times you get out of the bed, welcome to the club, my friend – the club of the lazies.

Are you a morning person? No? Neither you are an evening person, right? Bed and couch are probably your favorite places in the world and you keep everything within a hand’s reach so that you don’t have to get out of them.

Yes, you’re lazy, so what? Be proud of it because you’re smart enough to find easy ways to do tough jobs. Now, speaking of jobs, chances are that you’d hate yours. But, what if I tell you there are jobs out there in which you don’t have to do too much, and you still get paid pretty decent. Awesome, right? So, here are 5 awesome dream jobs for lazy people.

dream jobs for lazy people

  1. Binge-watcher

Wouldn’t that be a dream job for everyone? If you’re lazy and like watching shows online, while lying comfortably on your couch, hogging snacks, this this job is perfect for you. Netflix part-timely hires people to watch their newly-released shows and tag their genres and all. Why not make a living out of something you love, right?

2. Video Game Tester

A wise man once said,” If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” And isn’t that we all want? Well, you can actually make it happen if you’ve a thing for video games. Video game companies hire players to help them design games and then help them test those games, which only means one thing – a lot of video gaming. And let me tell you, the money is also pretty good.

3. Professional Napper

Here comes the mother of all lazy jobs – to literally sleep. I’m not joking. From NASA to pharmaceutical companies to hotels, there is a long lost of companies who require people to sleep, and they pay them for it. So, are you ready to Zzzzz?

4. Bad Tester

With technology creeping inside our beds, they have to be “tested”, right? Mattress companies, bed making companies, hire people to test their mattress, beds, duvets and all, because there’s competition in the market and nobody wants to be second. Well, why should you care about them? you’re getting paid to sleep, so just sleep.

5. Food Tester

This one is for the foodies among us lazies. No, I didn’t mean all of us. Various food product companies, restaurant chains, etc. get people to test their new products before they launch them in the market. Obviously, it is paid; plus you get to try exciting new food items. Well, they don’t turn out to be good always, so that’s a bummer. But is that really a problem? Definitely NO.

So, these are the 5 of the coolest dream jobs for lazy people, so they can make money by sitting in their bed, almost literally. Do you know of any such cool lazy jobs? Share in the comments below.

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