If you haven’t noticed, the collection of T.V. shows available on Netflix India differs a bit from the usual ones available in the U.S. Still, some really good options are available.

As I renewed my Netflix subscription after a few months break, I am hooked to apocalyptic TV shows on Netflix India.

Here are the ones I have been watching.

  1. The Walking Dead

The top apocalyptic TV show on Netflix India is definitely The Walking Dead. I heard iiSuperwomanii talk about it in her vlogs quite a lot. She loves it a lot so, I decided to give it a try.

It’s about zombie apocalypse and it’s nasty.

I have to say it gets very boring in the second season and even the first episode isn’t very fast paced but as you keep watching it, you’ll get hooked. And I have heard it gets better after first two seasons. So, just get started watching it.

Warning: Don’t watch it while eating food.

2. The 100

After nuclear radiation made the earth inhabitable, select people lived in the space hoping the earth would be habitable again after a hundred years. Now, as the hundred years are about to finish, 100 people are sent to earth to test if it’s habitable again. 100 teenagers actually!

There’s politics, violence, treachery and total chaos. What else would you expect?

I have watched first few episodes and it seems good. You should try it.

3. Lost in Space

This is a Netflix original about a family that is lost on an unknown planet in the space, after their spaceship was attacked. They’re also on a lookout to find another habitable planet to settle in.

But on this new planet, they meet a weird alien who maybe more dangerous than they think.

Again, I watched a few episodes after Netflix India stalked me with ads and enticed me to watch it. I liked it, though I haven’t made past a few episodes.

4. The Rain

A deadly virus wipes out human population in Scandinavia and two siblings survive in a bunker and after a few years, set out to find their lost father.

It’s in some other language so you’ll have to rely on subtitles but it seems promising.

5. The Mist

Due to a mist that suddenly falls over a town, people are about to die as there are dangerous creatures in this mist.

I must say I only watched a bit of it but I am intrigued with this show too.

Well, these are the ones I have been watching lately. What new shows are you watching on Netflix India?

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  1. I’ve watched The walking dead(till season 7), the 100 (4 seasons, I’ll be watching season 5 soon. I was just waiting for the series to be completed), lost in space. And The rain and the mist added to my watch list 🙂


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