What’s a good book? It is a compilation of words that keep the reader engrossed in them for a long time. You don’t need to be reading to transfer yourself into the magic world of books. Some words just bind you. You keep thinking of them even when you’ve finished reading.

antique magic by eileen harris

Antique Magic by Eileen Harris is one such book. It is the first book of the Alicia Trent series. A woman who has stashed all her house with antiques is found dead. Everyone takes it a natural death but when Alicia, an antique dealer, who is hired to appraise the antiques, finds out that it was a murder, things take a different turn. Antique Magic is a mysterious tale of love, betrayal and magic.

What is in the book Antique Magic?

This book is a description of what happened with Alicia Trent who is an antique dealer and co-owns an Antique store by the name of Eclectic treasures in Scottsdale. She goes back to the place where she grew up, Casa Grande, as she was hired to appraise the antiques stashed by Bernice Hall. There were the mysteries she left for Alicia to unfold.

The huge house has one after another mystery for Alicia from the moment she arrives in the house. But the situation becomes difficult when a murder gets mixed in it. The question then arises whether Alicia would be able to unmask the murderer and be safe at the same time?

About The Author of Antique Magic

The Book has been written by Eileen Harris who, after living off in Arizona Desert, moved around New York. After writing a well received adventure novel, Desert Shadow, she worked on the Alicia Trent Series. The Antique Magic is the first book in the series. The second book in the series is also released and we will review it on Finix Post very soon.

Review of The Antique Magic

The book is based on mystery, adventure with a pinch of magic mixed in it. I had a great time reading this book and Ms. Harris really managed to spin the tale that had me hooked from the very first chapter. The setting is that of a small town of Casa Grande in the dessert land of Arizona.

Alicia Trent who is an antique dealer in Scottsdale is just charged up with the idea of sorting out and selling the antiques collected by a woman in her home town Casa Grande. Alicia is more enthusiastic about this project because of her imaginations as a child about this house which people used to call Haunted. She is curious about the collection she had once seen as a kid and the imaginations she made on the basis of that. But once she enters this huge house and starts working, she realises that something is fishy. She encounters threats, warnings, magic and possibility of a murder in this house. There are four very charming and attractive single men too.

The Characters

Each of the characters in the book is very strong in its place and very well described. Jed and Cal are totally opposite brothers with both of their distinct personalities described amazingly. Lawrence is one such character which really won my heart. I enjoyed Dan’s character just in the beginning. Nick is one such person to whom you will get attracted. And Naomi!! She is such a sweetheart, just mentioning her name made me think of food!! Though all the characters are interesting but there is no doubt that you will suspect each of them at one time or the other. That certainly deserves applause for the author for she very well entwined the mysteries.


The antiques might not be described in too much detail for someone who is an antique lover but the twists and turns around that huge haunted house are really very well plotted with author’s simple yet likeable writing style. The book is narrated in a very smooth manner with plenty of action going on to keep things interesting. I liked the pacing of the book as it kept me on edge waiting for the next shocking thing to take place.

Final Words About The Book

I didn’t enjoy the end of the book as it could have been better. At least I expected a better ending than the one I came across but there are enough twists and surprises in the book to keep you play the guessing game throughout.

A few questions are left unanswered in the story. I hope, it has been done intentionally. I enjoyed reading the book and look forward to read further Alicia Trent Mysteries. For someone who is interested in reading mysteries and adventures, this book is a must grab!

Ratings: 4/5

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