Are you ready for a racy thriller that will keep you glued and give you full dose of entertainment? If yes, Breathe – an Amazon prime original is what you need to know more about. Keep reading to know more.

About Amazon Prime Originals

While other online streaming services are said to be coming up with their first ever Indian Original series, Amazon has already beaten it to the punch with its own Original series – Breathe, featuring R Madhavan as the lead man.

Breathe Amazon Prime Review

This being Amazon’s second Indian Original series, after Inside Edge, proves a fact that the online steraming giant is all set to focus on Indian entertainment industry, and there’s a lot of good content in store for all of us.

Recently, as per some news on various online sources, it has come to light that Amazon would be investing a huge amount in creating Original Prime video content, customized for Indian audience of all sorts. Another good that will come out of this investment is the quality of content and top talent. Overall, it’s a great news for Indian entertainment industry, and the creators are all pumped up to create some history.

What’s in for you in Breathe?

Breathe Amazon Prime Review

Coming back to the Amazon original, breathe would most likely be the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a long time. And mind you, I’m not saying it in a negative way. It may bring back some memories of the all time favorite ‘Breaking Bad’, but in kind-of Anurag Kashyap style, more or less.

Plot of Breathe Amazon Original Series

The plot of the show goes something like this – Danny (Madhavan) is a loving single dad who lives with his mother and his 6-year-old son, Josh. Josh is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, a fatal lung disease, and has very less time to live, unless he gets a lung-transplant, for which he is number four on the list, since a year.

Danny is a straight-up, by-the-book guy, but the sight of his son with pipes and tubes around him, and the very thought of losing him in just six months – as the doctor says – really shakes Danny and forces him to find alternate ways to save his son. After much deliberation, Danny comes up with a rather drastic idea to kill four people on the organ donors’ list, so that his son could move up on the list, and be saved.

Well, all this happens pretty much in the first episode of the show, and has been shown in the trailers as well, so one can easily get the idea about all of this. Just had to make it clear, in case, you’re wondering if I gave away any spoilers. But, how all of this happened and what happens next, it cannot be described in words. You have to watch the show to know about it.

Meanwhile, in a parallel plot line, Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh), is an alcoholic police inspector, who is brilliant, but doesn’t play by the rules. Kabir has been battling his own demons with the guilt of his daughter’s death, and the pain of his wife moving-on in her life.

Both the plots run parallel till first three episodes, slowly, taking their time to help developing characters and unravelling sub plots. And by the end of episode four, both plots meet with a great twist, quite unexpectedly I’d say, and now, you’re completely hooked to the show and no matter what you do, you can’t stop watching it. The next three episodes are fast-paced and well executed with lots of twists and turns to keep the viewers hooked. There are only seven episodes out yet, the eighth and last episode will be out on 23rd Feb 2018. I can’t wait to watch it.

How relatable this Amazon Original is?

We have seen a lot of shows in which people do weird, or should I say “bad” things, for their family and loves ones. But, does it really happen in real life? I guess not. In movies or stories, the writer is the boss.

Writers can make their characters do anything they want, and then it’s their job to justify it to us, good or bad, doesn’t matter. But in real life, we are the protagonist, as well as the writer. We have to justify our actions to ourself, more than to anybody else. Everyone loves their family, but does that mean they can kill innocent, harmless people in the name of saving their own family? Maybe some can. But does this reason justify taking innocent lives? No.

Honestly, if I would have been in a similar situation, I’d would have tried a lot of different things, instead of planing to kill other people who don’t deserve to die. There are so many resources at our disposal now, internet and social media being the biggest ones. Today, a simple social media post can make so much waves that you can’t even imagine. People have literally started charity funds online to save their loved ones, and some lucky ones have even gotten successful. Asking for help on social media, where your voice can reach to millions and millions of people, is the easiest and best way. Humanity isn’t completely dead, yet. There are people who can, and will do whatever they can to help save a life. So, we all have to trust in humanity, because if we won’t, nobody will; and if nobody believes in something, it doesn’t exist.

Should you watch this Amazon Original?

It’s definitely worth a shot.

The best thing about the show is Madhavan. Till now, we have seen the ‘chocolate-boy’ Madhavan, and loved him. With Breathe, Madhavan hits you hard with his completely new avatar, with a lot of shades. The story is somewhat cliched, so it could be predictable at times, but the way it unfolds, there lies the magic.

The cinematography is amazing at places and lacks at some. Screenplay of the series could have been better, though it changes a lot since the beginning of the series and improves as the story grows. The characters are well written and all the actors have played their parts brilliantly.

Special mention here to Hrishikesh Joshi, who has played sub-inspector Prakash Kamble, Kabir’s sidekick. His performance is absolutely amazing and comes as a punch when the plot seems to be dragging a bit.

So, according to me, definitely give Breath a try, you won’t regret it and will thank me later.

Watch Breathe Here

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  1. I’ve watched this. And I really liked it a lot. Amazon Prime Video has started producing some indigenous contents, which is really awesome 🙂


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