Idlis are the south Indian favorite for breakfast. In fact, south Indians are usually very sentimental about the idlis. In fact, there were articles written about the dumb move of Indian railways to remove Idlis from their breakfast menu. Check here. That was in 2007. I hope things have changed now.


I personally love the soft and fluffy south Indian breakfast dish. Idli and dosa are two of my favorite South Indian foods. Typical north Indian I am, I know!

But listen! Idli is quite amazing and even when, it may seem like a very standard South Indian dish, you must know more about it.

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Some Amazing Facts About Idlis

  1. They’re extremely healthy. With the combination of urad dal (protein source) and rice (carbohydrates source) along with the companionship of sambhar (vegetables aka the fiber source), idli make a quite healthy and wholesome dish.
  2. Another reason why it’s a breakfast favorite is because it’s steamed. There’s no oil used.
  3. It’s also easier to prepare as compared to the rotis, which are another favorite breakfast dish in the country.
  4. Idlis are also easily digestible, which strengthens the point of them being very healthy breakfast choices.
  5. Did you know that in earlier times, leaves were used instead of the moulds, to make idlis?
  6. There’s also this thing about either Idlis being inspired from 700CE (That’s way too long ago) or acquired from Indonesia which is known for the use of fermenting techniques in the regular cuisine.
  7. There was this rumor that made a round some time back about UNESCO declaring idli as the healthiest breakfast of the world. Of course, that was a rumor but idlis still stay healthy options.
  8. The correct way to make idlis is to just leave the batter to ferment overnight. There’s no alternative. No yeast, no baking soda etc will bring out the right soft and fluffy idlis.

There you go! Those are some amazing facts about idlis. I love the dish and it was actually quite fun to read about the dish and discover some amazing facts and cooking tips.

What do you think? Was this post fun to read? If yes, give it a share – for the love of idli!

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