Finally, I am getting out of the blogging slump I have been witnessing since last month. What is helping me get out – Booktube channel. Before that, I think I should answer why after 2 years of CONTINUOUS blogging, I have been witnessing a severe blogger’s block.

I didn’t. I wasn’t going through a blogger’s block. I have like 100 ideas in my to-do list right now but the only thing that was stopping me was I just didn’t want to work. The moment I started writing a post, a thought knocked at me – “Manpreet, you need to click some good pictures with this”.

And as I suck at photography, I just procrastinated and I did that so much I started feeling like my blog is dying. I had to get out. So, I started looking for that one thing that makes me work and they have always been books.

Books have always helped me get out of my troubles. They were there when I was stressed and wanted a way out. They provided me company when I was totally shattered and all alone. They provided me solace when everything around me seemed messed up. They have been my best friend since so long. And this time, they helped me get out.

How? Well, have you ever had an idea that made you so excited that all you wanted to do was work on it? Starting a booktube channel is that idea that has come to me with a high voltage current of excitement. I so want to work on more and more videos and write blogs about books. There are so many things I want to update you guys about. So many videos… I want to make, all related to books.

So, yes. I am starting a Booktube Channel. And don’t worry! If you like reading, I will make sure I post all the content in written form over here. You won’t miss out at anything. But yes, you would get an add-on here that would be in form of embedded videos that you can see while reading my blog posts. What do you think of this idea?

When am I starting with my BookTube Channel?

booktube channel

I have already started. I have been making a couple of videos regarding books which are live here. And I plan to make many more of them. There will be reviews, book tags and challenges, book suggestions and regular TBR and Wrap-up videos.

Initially, I started LifeofManpreet as a regular vlogging channel and then moved on to making haul videos and on random subjects. But now I will be making videos only about books.

What to expect?

For now, following are the videos I’m planning:

  1. Bookshelf tour
  2. My to be read pile
  3. Booktube challenges
  4. Booktube tags
  5. Book Reviews of my recent reads

I am really hoping that you would support me in this new thing I am going to try out and it would be great if you can suggest me more topics and help me grow. Make sure you subscribe to my channel to show your support.

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