Since the time I thought of becoming a YouTuber, I have been looking up to some awesome teams of YouTubers like AIB, Being Indian and many more. They come out with ideas that definitely challenge the so-called morality of Indian Society.  Well, there have been plenty of people who showered their hatred on them for doing that.

aib roast

But then, they came out with the AIB Roast. Let me tell you that I seriously had no idea about what Roast is. I just heard that the team has come up with a new video which has been working really well. That was the time when I set on to find out what Roast actually is.

As I believe that people, who have been condemning this brave effort by this team of four guys, won’t be educated or mature enough to understand what Roast is, I would like to mention it here for the people like me who might genuinely not know what it is but are humane enough to try and find it out. Roast is a comedy genre. In an event, a guest is invited who accepts to be ‘roasted’. Basically, he is joked about and made fun of by his peers. The person who hosts the event is known as ‘Roastmaster’.

This genre is so popular and enjoyed by public that Comedy Central (which is a very popular foreign TV Channel) often hosts roast of famous celebrities. Even the U.S. President has been roasted. But then in January 2015, the team AIB thought of bringing something new to India. They organized a roast in December 2014 and uploaded it on YouTube in January.

The event happened. Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor were roasted by AIB team and some other celebrities including Raghu Ram and the film critic Rajeev Masand. Karan Johar was the roastmaster. Jokes were thrown and as a response, came huge bursts of laughter. They made fun of Alia Bhat, Deepika Padukone and I could see how these ladies enjoyed the show. Oh yes, they were laughing even when they were made fun of. That’s called maturity.

But in India, where a large number of people are legally adults, maturity is a rare trait. Of course, the so-called Indian leaders and influential Indians are educated but all they gained out of their education is a piece of paper certifying that they are well-read.  So, even when they had it written that video is meant for adults and you must not watch it if you get offended easily, people watched it.

While 8 million people watched it and I bet most of them loved it, there were few jerks who got offended. Perhaps, they got more offended by the fact that they were not popular enough to be mentioned in such a show. People on twitter got crazy over the abusive language they have used in the video. If you read the tweets of so-called offended people, they also use the same kind of language. But yep! They had an issue with why they aren’t so popular using the same language. What else can be the cause of their outburst?

Politicians came out and lashed out at the team for they say it would spoil the youngsters in the society. The video was meant for adults. If your moral teachings are so weak that you can’t stop your kids from watching adult programmes, is this the fault of AIB Roast?

People said such jokes can’t be called ‘comedy’. Obviously, they were not aware of a comedy genre like this. But does someone else’s unawareness become AIB’s fault? A few of them even tweeted to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to look into the matter. Of course, the Indian Prime Minister has nothing to do except than censoring the YouTube videos posted by Indians.

A minister said people like Karan Johar and other celebrities must talk of matters like poverty, social injustice instead of doing such comedy shows. So, basically that minister wanted Karan Johar to become a politician. Why?  Maybe he couldn’t bear that some people are just doing what they like.

And the biggest punch came to this huge joke Indian people made out of their country’s so-called democracy, when people called AIB Roast a ‘national shame’. When the video was taken down due to the stupid outburst of people, it definitely meant that there is something seriously wrong with the Indian Democracy. That was the national shame.

But why am I writing this? Of course, I support them like I silently support every person who dares to challenge the stupid norms decided by Indian Society, Moral Police and the undeserved politicians. But why am I talking of it on my blog now?

This awesome team is facing a legal issue because of this awesome thing they did. And I am supporting them and I believe many of my readers are sensible enough to come up for their support. If you belong to the people who don’t support them, well you’re welcome to leave my blog right now and never come back. It’s that simple.

This is a petition I signed which is meant to fight and stop filing of any legal charges against the team. PETITION Not only I want you to sign this, but I want us to figure out a way to get the video back up. AIB team did it because they were facing serious threats to the people of their team. But are we going let every stupid person who was born on the earth overpower us? Are we going to let some stupid uneducated kids to rule us?

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