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Hey there! YOU’RE AWESOME! Thanks for checking out this about page of FinixPost. Let me tell you some things which people ask me all the time about FinixPost.

The Beginning Of FinixPost

Finix Post began as a part-time blog of a college student who was doing B.Tech. in Information Technology aka me. You know her by the name of Manpreet who is not only a full-time blogger as of now, but also a Youtuber and social media marketer.  Wait! Why am I writing this in third person?

So, I started to share my life experiences on this blog. It included things like movie reviews, book reviews, articles on health, lifestyle, and education. It all started in October 2013. Yes, that’s Finix Post’s birthday month.

That’s how Finix Post was born.

What is Finix Post ?

It’s nothing related to a Phoenix. The word “Finix” has been inspired from a word called “Finicky” that roughly means ‘extremely descriptive’. The blog runs on the vision of providing you detailed information on whatever we talk, maybe it’s a review or an article about mental health. We like to take all perspectives in consideration and then write about it.

What Is Finix Post Now?

The vision has changed. I have changed a lot. Currently, FinixPost is more like an Indian blog about work from home, digital marketing, blogging, and YouTubing. Basically, it’s about everything I do and learn so that I can share my experiences with you – help you or entertain you in some manner.

FinixPost is the umbrella under which I try to do everything I want to do. Every new project or idea is nurtured under the name – FinixPost. My current projects include:

  1. FoodJournal: An Indian food blog, that I created to talk about food for I LOVE food.
  2. IndianBooktuber: A YouTube channel about books. Did you know I was one of the first people in India to start a booktube channel?
  3. LifeOfManpreet: A daily vlogging YouTube channel where I make random video blogs about my life as work from home professional, blogger and YouTuber.
  4. Work: I am a digital marketer. I work from home & currently, I’m working with a company that specializes in digital services.
  5. I also offer digital marketing services – SEO, PPC, content marketing & social media marketing on a freelance basis. Most of the times, I am not accepting new clients (Sorry) as I love to work with my existing clients. But if you’re interested, we can still talk about it.
  6. AllFitnessTalk: I am in no way close to being fit. So, this blog is handled by Paresh (Paresh, who? Read About the team to know more). I handle the backend part except content.
  7. I also am planning to start an e-commerce shop. More about it soon.

The team behind Finix Post

Meet the Founder – Manpreet Kaur

manpreet kaur lifestyle blogger youtuber

(Back to third person, again!) Manpreet is a full-time blogger who loves to write and share her experiences. This blog is her baby that’s run solely on the basis of passion and intent to share stuff she likes to share. Yes, she’s pretty self obsessive, in that manner.


Meet the Lazy Advisor – Paresh Raman

paresh raman finixpost

Paresh has been a contributor to Finix Post in terms of ideas and strategy. What to write, when to write, what not to do, how to connect with people, what new to do and all that jargon is handled by Paresh. He’s also a great photographer and designer and hence, a great asset to the blog.

What to expect from Finix Post?

Expect a lot of genuine articles on things you like – work from home tips, digital marketing, blogging, YouTubing, books, movies, reviews and lifestyle products. Expect some great advice on how you can make your life better and expect to find a friend on this mean big internet world. Connect with us!

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