If you tell me that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, I can believe you for once. But if you tell me that you never got into a fight with your woman (girlfriend or wife), I cannot believe you man.
Many of us, or I would say most of us have been in that situation. Its like one minute you two are talking, having a normal conversation, or maybe a small argument; but nothing serious. But then you make your point, a very “right” and “valid” point (it’s all in your mind, you dumb! Because when it comes to women, you can never be right. So just keep your mouth shut and don’t try to be over smart.), anyways, so you make your “point”, and it all comes crashing down on you. You feel a change in the air, and before you realize it, you are in deep trouble my friend, and there is no going back.
To be on the safer side, I’m going to tell you few things that you must never say to a woman, and by never, I mean never ever. Consider these points as safe-stones in a path filled with landmines. If you want to reach to the end in one piece, follow these points.

1. I love you
Yes, I know what you are thinking. How could you not use the magic-pill? Of course you can use it, just avoid using it all the times. Believe me guys, girls know when you mean those words and when you don’t. This will cause the magic of the pill to fade out. I’m not saying that you don’t have to admit it, just don’t say it if you don’t mean it.


2. “Are you really gonna eat all of it?”
Always believe that your girlfriend is as light as a feather. What? Do you have a problem in believing that? It doesn’t matter even if you do have a problem. If you want to live a happy life with her, don’t talk about her food. Eating is a sacred business for women. They eat when they are happy, and even when they are not happy. That doesn’t mean you have the right to ask her questions about her food. Yes, she is going to eat all that, but don’t you dare ask her.


3. “My ex-…”
Dont!! I’m telling you, believe me. Don’t start any sentence with these words. There is a reason why your “Ex”, is your “Ex” now. So, if you don’t want your “present” girlfriend to become your another “Ex”, keep your “Ex” out of the picture. It’s natural to compare your girlfriends, but its safe until you keep it to yourself.

4. “Bitch”
No matter how badly you want to use the B word, you don’t get to use it unless the water goes above your head or you two are done for ever, or you two have THAT kinda equation with each other, you know, THAT means like “best friends” equation. But still, when you come in a relationship, these things should be left aside. Because then you are something more than just best friends. So, to keep her, you would have to respect her, and using B word doesn’t show respect at all.


5.  “Always and Never”
“Why do you always behave like that?” Or “You would never understand!!” Remember, last time you used any of these lines during a small argument? If you did, then I’m sure you would also remember what happened afterwards. So that means you have already learned your lesson. And for those who haven’t experienced it yet, my suggestion is not to use these kind of lines during an argument. By using words like “always” or “never”, you not only question her “ability to judge” but also give her all the bullets from your past WARS to be used against you, again. And believe me, you don’t wanna start something which you cant handle.

6. “yes, she is hot”
Your girlfriend would try to lure you into this trap, again and again, until you fall in it. But you have to save yourself every time. “Do you think she’s hot?”- this is her devil’s trap for you. She would ask you this question with such innocence like your answer wouldn’t matter. But don’t get fooled my friend. It doesn’t matter who she is, where she is, whether she is in a magazine or some movie or anywhere, Even if she is hot, you have to lie with confidence and say no! You would be surprised to see how happy she might get if you find a fault in that hot girl.

7. “Your hair look… “
She is allowed to have a BAD-HAIR day once in a while. That doesn’t mean you have to notice and comment on it. So, when that day comes, just tell her that she looks beautiful. She would feel good.

woman with messy hair

8. “Take a chill-pill”
You don’t get to tell her to “relax” or “calm down” or “chill”, when she is on her peak. You would notice how things change and these words take her beyond her peak and you don’t want that, do u? So, even if she is really bothered and you care about her, console her by saying something like,” I can understand how you might be feeling, but believe me, it would all be better soon.” This surely wins over just “relax”. If you don’t believe me, try it!
9. “Are you… Is it THAT time..?”
You are not supposed to mention it even if it is THAT time. You have to pretend and make her believe that her “monthly hormonal cycle” has no effect on her mood and behavior. You have to tell her that her anger, shouting, frustration and shedding tears are all valid and are not because of the hormonal imbalance. Be calm, time will pass.

woman on periods

So, these are the 9 golden rules to follow if you want to keep your girl happy. Follow them and see the magic for yourself. Don’t follow them, and you would be on this article very soon.

Wait! Do you have more tips to share? Do tell me. We all need help 😛

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  1. This was an interesting read, Paresh.

    Thanks for putting your thoughts together and guiding a guy like me. ha ha..

    I have never been in the company of girls, so neither I support or argue any statement, but this can be a holy guide for all those people who keep looking for the girls and fail after so many attempts. 🙂

    Understanding a girl is like solving the greatest mystery in the world. You cannot judge her nature, expectations and mood.

    But I would say, most of the girls are loving in nature, they always support you, respect you and motivate you to do better in your life.

    A perfect girl can shape your life as well as a wrong can destroy also. That’s why one great philosopher said, “Behind every successful man, there is a girl.”
    But he forgot to said, “Behind every unsuccessful man, is also a girl.” 😛

    This was a great article and I loved your thoughts. Keep putting your efforts to make this blog popular and creative.

    For sure I would try your suggestions.. ha ha..

    Best wishes. (Y)

    • You better not write articles like Paresh or you would get yourself into trouble.. even an appreciation could be dangerous 😛

    • Thanks a lot. I’m glad that you liked my article. And you better note down these points and always remember them, if you want to live a happy life ;))

  2. Hi Manpreet and Paresh
    Greetings for writing a post on a very interesting topic. Usually it is thought we should ask a woman of her age but you mentioned here several other things which we sometimes ask a woman and then never get her favor especially in our professional life.
    In the field of marketing gender sensitivities are very important and especially if your target audience comprises of women folk. Many of these points are quite new to me though I have been in close interaction with my female colleagues for many many years.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this very informative and useful post.

    • Hello,
      The points that are mentioned here are specially written for people who are dating or who are married. That’s what I think.
      Though, according to Paresh, they are universally applicable 😛
      Thanks for taking out time to come and read this post. I hope this turns out to be of some use to you. 🙂

  3. Totally loved the article, the pointers are bang on! I don’t really agree to Point no 1 though 😛 rest all are perfect and so realistic.

  4. Hi Paresh,
    Thanks for the interesting post. But I think my wife is different, She always want to listen to the word “I Love You” from me even when I’m crazed 😀

  5. Hi,
    I read this post and found very interesting for me. These 9 things were amazing. Keep it up… I appreciate your work.


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