Are you finally getting worried about your ever increasing weight? Does your lifestyle not only makes you look unhealthy but has also started to make you feel unhealthy?

Do you want an easy way out? Do you want to have a sound health without directly diving into a hard core fitness schedule? If yes, then these simple diet & fitness tips would help.

Why simple diet & fitness tips? Because, let’s accept that we have become unhealthy due to our profound laziness. We don’t like moving around, working and gulp in a lot of junk food.

That’s a part of our lifestyle and considering our usual nature, our body would strongly resist anything that isn’t simple and easy.

I went through the same phase of feeling unhealthy and inferior. And I knew I couldn’t start off like other fitness freaks. I had to follow some simple diet & fitness tips to make my body used to this good change.

That’s why I am going to share the simple diet & fitness tips which I followed by myself and they definitely work. Because even after considering my inconsistency and usual cheat days, I feel healthier. Let’s start with the tips!

1. Don’t eat after 7 PM:


In old times in India, people used to sleep by maximum 7.30 PM. With the advent of prime time T.V. shows, we were bred to sleep after watching serials like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi which used to air around 10.30 P.M.

That meant we not only stayed awake till so late, but also kept chewing random stuff we could find in our house because isn’t that what we do in front of T.V.?

But now, you need to make sure you don’t take any heavy meal after 7. No fried chips, no chicken and no dairy products. One must have an extremely light meal at night and if you’re having anything after 7, it is going to have a bad affect on your body.

In the beginning, I started off with a slightly heavier meal at 7 for I knew I won’t be able to be curb my hunger otherwise and gradually reduced the meal size. That was simpler than I could imagine. Try it yourself!

2. Play with your pet:

play with your pet
I have two cute dogs at home and I never paid much attention to their exercise needs except for petting them when they come to me. That was justified because of the breed I had but when I got a new German shepherd pup at home, I knew I had to be more careful about his exercise needs.

That led to lots of playing fetch, walks and training. Though all of the activities are for the dog
, but demanded physical efforts from my side. I am the kind of person who would never wake up in morning and go for a walk. Now, I do. Twice a day.

If you already have a pet at home, start giving attention to it. If not, considering having one. They would make you more disciplined.

3. Drink Plenty of water:

glass of water

I know this seems to be the easiest of the simple diet & fitness tips I am going to enlist but it is actually really difficult. Drinking lots of water isn’t a small thing. You can’t just do it. You cannot have the “suggested” 8 liters of water every day.

I tried it. Drank 2 bottles of water in one go and then ended up spending 1 hour in washroom. I was lucky because I had a habit of taking a novel when I go to answer the call of nature but not everyone is of that kind.

How to make it happen then? First of all, understand that you don’t need to drink the water in its usual form. Not always. There are other food items with high water content. They can greatly aid in achieving the goal of having more water.

Eat cucumber, water melon. Have water based drinks like green tea, lemonade. And then make a goal of finishing up every glass of water you take in your hand. Most of the times, we have half of it and end up throwing the rest of the water. Don’t do that.

4. Find someone to motivate you:

someone for motivation

The only reason why I am able to work on my health and even hit the gym, while I suffer through excruciating pain because of my knee injury, is because I have a friend who motivates me all the time.

Now, the thing about finding such a friend is that you need someone who is knowledgeable enough. You don’t want a person who would motivate you to do stuff that would cause an injury or bad affect on your health in the long run.

And it isn’t necessary to have a real person. You can find a source of inspiration even on the internet. The key here is to look for such a person. Start by discussing your health issues with your best friends. See if they can help else look on the internet. You would find plenty of them online.

5. Stock food for your cravings:

stock up nuts/ museli

Chances are you’re a foodie and you love eating. That’s one of the biggest reasons behind putting on extra weight and becoming unhealthy. If that’s so, you would want to eat all the time. The cravings would hit you at most unexpected times and when you give into those cravings, you are harming your health and fitness goals.

Here what you need to do is reduce the bad affect that food can have on your health. So, when you’re hit by a food craving, your hands should go on the healthiest thing. Nuts are the best but are they that tasty? Well, I buy salted nuts which taste much better than usual ones.

Of course, having salty nuts at night isn’t good (you can have normal nuts without any worries) but it is definitely better than eating bag of chips. These small swaps in your diet and daily schedule make a lot of difference.

6. Join gym:


Signing up for gym membership has never been that difficult but hitting the gym every day has been a herculean task. I think the major reason behind this is the social pressure. As soon as I joined gym, people started showering their “gyan” on me on how hitting the gym would ultimately make me fatter. It isn’t good.

All of this is crap. When someone says you gain weight after you leave gym, that person deserves a tight slap. Isn’t that obvious why you gain weight in that condition? Because you eat more and exercise less. You just return to your previous condition if you let your health go unchecked.

Going to gym can greatly enhance your mood and would make you exercise. Of course, some days you won’t want to go at all. Even I miss going to gym some days but as a beginner, that’s okay. At least, I am working out. It is better than nothing.

Also, joining a gym puts you on schedule and because you have spent money on it, you don’t want to miss it. That’s the reason why I have joined a gym with a costly membership. Because due to natural human instinct, I know I care more for my money than my health and won’t want it to get wasted.

7. Buy quality exercise equipment:


I know you’re planning to leave reading this article by this point. How come joining gym and buying exercise equipment lead to good health and fitness? That has been well explained by self-help guru Robin Sharma in one of his books.

When you surround yourself with high quality things, you tap the natural human instinct and get motivated. When you have a perfect work wear and good quality equipment, you would yourself feel like exercising.

So, when I wasn’t able to convince myself to go and sign up for gym membership, I went to do what girls do best – shopping. I shopped for a beautiful work wear and I felt super good to be in it. Once I had that, I managed to gather the courage to sign up for gym membership and I did.

My simple diet & fitness tips are nothing but psychology tricks that would guide your brain to the healthier version of you and I strongly believe that’s the only way it works for stubborn and lazy people like me.

8. Follow 6 Easy things to make you healthier:


These are 6 things I do to make my life even healthier. And I’ve explained about each of them in my previous article but still here’s what it says.

Switch to sugar free to flush out those extra calories that come with tea and coffee. Try to move more than usual. Stand up and go for a stroll in between your work hours. Read while walking around. Clean your house. Cook.

Focus on mental exercise because it is important to keep your brain healthy. Else you won’t be able to focus on your physical health.

9. Have fun:

make fun

That’s the most important thing which people forget while planning their diet and fitness strategy. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, your brain won’t let you do it. Try it!

As I speak through my experience, I know how difficult it is to fight with your brain. It is impossible. But you can definitely trick it. You can trick your brain into liking the unlikeable stuff like exercise, healthy diet etc.

Once you do that, your life would become really easier. Your body would be ready to do whatever it takes to be healthy.

These were my simple diet & fitness tips which helped me change my lifestyle and set on the path of a healthier me. Are you also planning to switch on the path of being healthy? Make sure you follow the tips and more importantly, discover your own tips.

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  1. Wow, you did a fantastic job and this new health topic, Manpreet and the pictures are really awesome and apt to your description. Nice to see you in “Health and wellness” segment too…:) all the very best

    • Thanks Gurunath. This isn’t exactly my first post in health and wellness segment. I have written like 50 articles about this niche as a ghost writer and also have a couple of them on Finix Post. But yes, you can definitely be sure that there are more of these coming. Have planned a lot of posts around this niche because that’s what I am focusing on in real life. Hope this will be helpful. 🙂

  2. Great article. Like you say, it’s the little things we do constistently that bring the best results. The small food swaps or that little bit of extra activity really adds up over time.


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