It’s unbelievable that I lived in Delhi for more than one and half years. It feels like it was just yesterday when I moved to Delhi. During my stay there, I got to try a lot of food in Delhi.

From the streets of Chandni Chowk to some of the best new restaurants in Delhi, I have tried it all. As I was living by myself, I mostly ordered food instead of cooking myself. Today, I thought why not share some interesting and some shocking things about Food in Delhi. Ready?

delhi food

  1. You cannot trust the Zomato reviews. Most of the reviews are done by food bloggers who happily write a 5-star review in exchange of free food or sometimes, just a shot of tequila or a can of beer.

 2. I ascertain this statement of mine when I went to a restaurant by looking at lots of 5-star reviews and it ended up the most terrible restaurant I ate at. Thank you Delhi food bloggers for wasting my money!

 3. I also know this because I did food blogging for a while, which I quit after people kept eating my head for giving 4-star review to a restaurant that deserved nothing more than a one-star review.

 4. I have also seen all the bloggers talk about how it’s unfair to the owner if we give them bad ratings after eating the food. I mean, don’t you think you have any responsibility towards people who are going to read your blog, then go and spend their money (and have a terrible time just because they made the mistake to trust you)?

5. Delhi has this awesome midnight food delivery joints that will make you more fat. Try FoodScouts if you’re in Delhi. Their pasta and brownie is yum!

6. Most of the “famous” street food in Chandni Chowk is overrated. I once did a full food walk of best foods in Chandni Chowk and except for a jalebi, everything was way too overrated and tasted yuck. Did I mention it looked ugly and unhygenic too?

7. There are a lot of restaurants in Delhi. A LOT. Most boast of unique theme and food. But in actual, all have the same menu except for the fact that they pick creative names for the food. So, I suggest you go for a tandoori chicken at a mid-range restaurant as it will taste same or most probably, better than the masala kukkad in some high-end aka more expensive restaurant.

8. Even with franchised restaurants, the location has a big impact on the food. There will be a lot of difference between taste and quality of Chicken at Pacific Mall and Moments Mall, even when both are just KFCs.

9. Even the roadside food hawkers in Delhi have all the vegetables which are considered weird and non-existent in other normal Indian cities. I am talking about things like broccoli, zuchini, lettuce etc.

 There you go! These are some facts about Food in Delhi that I know from my experience and I have experienced when I used to live in Delhi. Do you have anything to add to this? Comment!

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