Sleeping is one of the best things that we do in a day, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if your day was awesome or dull, a good 6-8 hours of sleep makes it all go away. Most of us know that sleeping is good for health because it gives our brain ample time to recover from the previous day activities, and makes it ready for next day. Now, what if I tell you that sleeping has more benefits that you could have ever imagined. Plus, sleeping completely naked is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Don’t believe me? Check this out and decide for yourself.

1. It helps to keep fat in check.

When you sleep naked, you sleep more soundly. A sound sleep helps in decreasing your stress hormone, cortisol, which keeps hunger and energy levels in check. Means, if your sleep gets disrupted at night, your cortisol levels will shoot up and you would end up craving unhealthy junk food, which would obviously make you fat.

2. It helps you to stay young.

Yes, you read that right. Sleeping naked helps your release more heat from your body. If your body stays at lower temperature, it would release Melatonin and Growth Hormone(both of which are anti-aging hormones) in ample amounts. These hormones make you look young and healthy. Bottomline, if you sleep with your clothes on, you are going to get old faster 😉

3. It makes life easy.

Okay, let’s face it. If you sleep naked, you wouldn’t have to worry about what you are wearing. No more dirty laundry of sleepwears. That means you don’t have to buy new night clothes, money saved!

4. Makes you more confident.

Experts say that sleeping naked makes you more comfortable with your own body. The more comfortable you are with your own body, the more sexy you would feel about yourself. And feeling sexy, means feeling more confident.

5. It helps to lower blood pressure.

Sleeping naked with your significant other makes your body release oxytocin. This hormone is very beneficial for heart and reduces blood pressure. It also reduces anxiety and strengthens immune system.

6. It helps to reduce weight.

This one is like wonder pill for many of us. Sleep naked and reduce weight, how awesome! When you sleep without clothes, your body stays at a lower temperature than normal. This helps to burn more calories and results in weight loss.

7. It helps you keep your private parts healthy.

Experts say that if you sleep naked, your private parts get benefited from it. In men, their testes stay at lower temperature. This helps in normal functioning of the reproductive system and keeps the sperms healthy. In women, sleeping naked can help reduce yeast infections by keeping the area cool and dry as yeast grows better in moist and warm conditions.

8. It leads to stronger and happier relationships.

Now, as you guys know how oxytocin is released, lets move on to its next benefit. Skin on skin contact with your partner has NO substitution. It feels great and also makes the bond strong. You should not let clothes get in the way of your happiness and the benefits that you could reap from oxytocin including happiness, low anxiety, stress free life etc.

9. It leads to sex.

You… with your partner… no clothes… cuddles… soft music… oxytocin… and other hormones shooting… do I need to say what happens next? Let’s move on 😉

So, these were the few benefits of sleeping naked. It’s still completely your choice whether you want to suffocate yourself with piles of tight clothes or you just want to go commando and enjoy all the perks and health benefits by sleeping naked.

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