Book recommendations for beginners need to be thought out carefully. And let me warn you beforehand (mostly for your pleasure), I am against suggesting the timeless classics. In fact, I have my set of pre-requisites for a book to qualify as a recommendation-worthy book for beginners.

  1. The writing should be easy to read. You will never see the person picking up a book again (not for next many years) if you hand them a classic like those of Shakespeare or Robert Louis Stevenson.
  2. The story should be presented in a straight forward manner. You don’t need a first-time reader to dissect the passages and look for deeper meanings. You just need them to enjoy the book.
  3. And then all those necessary things should be there – good writing, interesting plot and great characters.

So, these are my book recommendations for beginners.

Book Recommendations For Beginners

  1. Harry Potter Series By J.K Rowling

It’s easy to read, magical and beautifully written. It’s supposedly about “the boy who lived” but truly, it’s much more than what public opinion about this series may be. You may have even watched the movies at least ten times each now but trust me! You need this book series.

The books may seem giant in the beginning but start from book 1 and enjoy this amazing adventure with this book.

There’s so much detail, and so much of emotion and characterization put into this book that if you’re ready to see, you will find it as deep as an ocean. The hints, the mysteries, and the magical world that author has built is beyond amazing.

Let’s move forward and accept one thing now – not all books can be liked by all people. Every genre is suitable for a different audience. So, my next few book suggestions for beginners will not be for everyone but only for those who fall into a particular genre each.

2. Adventure book series: Famous Five By Enid Blyton

If you’re between ages 8-14, you must pick up the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. It’s an account of some kids who keep getting into interesting adventures and some delicious food descriptions that will make you drool. I swear I love gingerbread just because of the book series even though I have never tasted one in my life.

The book series is a perfect summer read and is a must-read if you’re in the age group and like adventure and want to have some very good time this summer.

3. Inspiring autobiography

If you’ve been bred to think that fiction doesn’t give you much advantage, I suggest you cover the obvious genre first then. Hence, I am going to suggest an extremely inspiring autobiography. But promise me that you won’t judge it just by the name of the author.

It’s Rearview my roadies journey by Raghu. Yes, it’s a lot about that incredibly popular (and much hated) show called Roadies. But the book goes beyond that.

It’s an account of twins who struggle to have a good life. Their failures, their journey and their shortcomings mixed with their hard work make this book an incredibly amazing read. The instances from this books are the ones I personally use to keep myself motivated when I feel belittled and good for nothing.

Book suggestions for beginners

4. Mythological fiction

If you want to read something related to your Indian roots, here’s a book that’s the twisted version of Mahabharata. Oh no! It’s, in fact, an unusual presentation of Duryodhana’s perspective of the epic.

The book is a work of fiction but is an intriguing tale which also imparts you knowledge about Mahabharata at times. However, the beauty of the book is in how nicely the author has switched the sides.

It’s a duology called the Ajaya series by Anand Neelakantan. The first book is a delight to read. I did have some issues with the second one, but it’s still a must-read, especially if you’re into mythological fiction.

5. Mystery

Are you into mystery? Apart from the obvious choice – Agatha Christie (because of her easy to read, short and exciting tales), you can pick up this Indian author – Dev Prasad who wrote the Curse of Surya.

It’s a fictional mystery which sort of makes you remember the National Treasure movie series in which some people are in hunt of treasure hidden ages ago. And yes, there are bad guys too. There’s a cute blossoming love story as well. Just read it. Or do an experiment. Buy the book and let it sit on your bedside table. I bet the book will magically attract you towards it. It did to me.

6. Romance

If you want to read an entertaining and emotional novel (suitable for all ages), He Fixed The Match She Fixed Him by Shikha is my recommendation. It was her debut novel, and I personally think she won’t be able to write a book as good as this one ever again (although I do wish she does write many books better than this one).

It’s just perfect. Brilliant writing, exciting plot and lovable characters that will give you butterflies in your stomach. You won’t be able to put down this book without a BIG smile on your face. It makes you happy… not because of the story (maybe) but because of how awesomely the book has been written, the plot has been set, and the characters have been presented.

7. Dystopian

It’s a genre that’s not much popular in India, but it’s a great story I am going to recommend. But promise me you won’t judge it from the movie. The movie is crap. I am talking about the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

Dystopian is typically a genre that talks about an unfair governmental rule and so on. In this book, there’s this division between the capital and other districts. While the capital people flourish, the district people face the brunt of unfairness. The cruelest joke played on them is the annual games where two teenagers from each district are selected and are put into an arena to fight for their survival. They typically have to kill everybody else in the arena to win and survive. It’s a story about Katniss Everdeen who volunteers instead of her sister to go into these games.

8. Thriller

Some people just like the thrill and excitement of knowing about a story or guessing what will happen next. If that’s so, read my favorite crime thriller author – Camilla Lackberg. Begin with The Ice Princess where you meet two lovable characters trying to unravel the mystery of the death of a childhood buddy.

9. Classic

Oh! But after all that I said in first few points, you still want to read a classic so that you can boast to your reader friends. Is that so? Let me suggest you one beautifully written classic that will make you fall in love with nature and even books. It’s the secret garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

It’s about a story of a girl who is sent to her uncle for her parents just died in India. Now, she has to live in a huge mansion and learn to behave. But there are going to be more interesting characters and discoveries in this story.

I do have more book suggestions for beginners but too many options may confuse you. So, select one out of these nine and tell me if you liked reading it. I will suggest you more then.


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