The unconditional love that your dog gives you does deserve some kind of return. Doesn’t it?

 A dog is that animal which would happily spend its life waiting for you; and just to spend a few minutes with you after being lonely for the entire day. And such kinds of friends are ‘rarer than rare’.

When you do have such kind of friend at home or when you’re planning to get this wonderful blessing, you must consider this as your duty to transform yourself into a good dog owner. And if you think your normal kind and sympathetic behavior towards your dog is enough, you are WRONG!

There are number of things which you may ignore or not know about being a good dog owner. And this post is written just to help you out with this issue. It may also give you an idea about the kind of responsibilities you would have to take while bringing home a dog.

1. Respect Your Dog: When you expect respect, you must also be ready to give respect. Don’t consider your dog like a helpless animal for not only you are wrong but also you are welcoming utter danger for your own self. I am not trying to scare you but this is the truth.

Treat your dog nicely. Don’t punish him if he does something wrong like peeing inside or chewing household stuff. Let him know that he did wrong just through your tone. He will eventually understand that he is not supposed to do that. Punishing isn’t going to help at all.

Dog owner german shephered

2. Research about the Breed:  If you’re planning to buy a dog, take out some time to search about what kind of breed is suitable for your home. Note the amount of exercise they need, the kind of behavior they have towards humans especially children, their food requirements and suitable dwelling environment.

Getting the wrong breed for your home is the biggest mistake you can do as a dog owner. Not only would you make your dog suffer but also you would find yourself in great trouble. So, decide carefully.

In case, you’re already the lucky person, you must try to understand more about your dog’s breed so that you can take the necessary steps to become a good dog owner.

3. Try to understand them: Your dog isn’t blessed with the kind of communication mode you have. He can’t talk like you or tell you what he wants. This is where your love for your dog is going to be tested.

You need to carefully analyze what kind of things make your dog happy and which doesn’t. He might love the new dog food you bought for him or he might allure for the previous ones.

 In fact, all the things which I am going to mention in the following points would matter only if you master this one. This won’t be accomplished quickly but slow efforts from your side are really going to work.

frodo the giant german shepherd

4. Make him exercise: while the amount of exercise your dog needs depends on his needs, make sure you never miss to take him to a walk. That’s the only time your pet would get the chance to see the outer world.

The longer the walk, the better! But do care that your pet doesn’t get too tired through this.

 Try to change routes if possible so that your pet doesn’t get bored. He would be thrilled to walk on a different route sometimes.

Reserve your weekends for some games in the nearby park. He would love you for this.

5. Let him socialize: The normal behavior of pet owners in my locality is to keep their pets away from one another. But you must know that it is very important for your pet to socialize with other of his kin.

If you don’t make him socialize, it might lead to an aggressive or depressed behavior. Now that you know how important socializing is for your pet, do me a favor and go and tell at least one pet owner about this. Let’s make each pet owner a good one.

6. Take him to vet: Your pet might seem to be extremely healthy but that is not a good excuse to avoid a vet visit. You must take your pet for regular checkups and also take care that he is receiving the essential shots at time.

Remember that when you’re ill, you can tell your family about it and visit a doctor but he simply can’t. So you need to try to make sure that he never gets ill or in case he does, he is quickly diagnosed and treated.

7. Train your pet:  this is something which seems to be more beneficial for you but it is equally important for your brute. If you can’t afford a training school, try to train your dog at home.

Gradual efforts would be helpful for sure. Use rewards while training him. This would make him learn faster and also make him happy. Who doesn’t like an unexpected chocolate (reward)? (Don’t feed him chocolate. Feed him something good. Dog food)

dog training

8. Build a pet friendly home: While you would train your dog, you would also find out that there are things which are simply not good for your home in case you have dog. Try to remove those things.

Also, make sure that your dog has his own small corner with his own bed. Even if he sleeps with you, he does need his own space sometimes. A clean bowl of water is a must.

I wanted to include all the important points which I have analyzed and studied about being a good dog owner for these lovely creatures deserver a lot of love and I simply can’t see them in pain.

Someone asked me that requesting your readers to do something for you are mean and bad but still, I am going to request you to do something and I hope you would pay heed to my request.

I request you to BE A GOOD DOG OWNER. I know you would try your best. Won’t you?

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  1. My ex dog lived his life king size. He used to sleep on my bed, Chicken thrice a week, shower with a Loreal shampoo.
    He hates anybody around him while eating his chicken and so he bit me 6 times.
    1 bite = 4-5 rabies injections, so 6*5=30 approx injections.
    1 day I was watching ‘JAANI DUSHMAN – EK ANOKHI KAHANI’ crazy indian VFX, and that day uski kahani finish ho gai. After a shower, dad gave him chicken and something, maybe a bone, choked his breathing pipe and he died.

    When I was born, we had 7 dogs at home :-p, I used to live in a DOG FARM.

    • Injections :O Seriously?
      Which dog did you have? I remember my dog accidentally scratched his nails on my arm and then he cried for more than 1 hour. I don’t believe that your dog bit you so many times. It’s very unusual behavior.
      I am sorry for the loss. You would have felt so bad..:(
      and 7 dogs.. lucky you 😛 I would have felt like I’m in heaven if I got to live with so many pets. 🙂

  2. Hello,

    I guess you are good dog owner 🙂 To be honest I’m afraid of dogs an d I don’t have any. I guess I’ll follow these wonderful tips and lets see how it goes.


    • Hello Samir,
      I am not sure if I am a good dog owner or not. I am trying every possible way to step in the shoes of a good dog owner. I definitely follow all 8 steps mentioned in this post though.
      dogs are very loving creatures. Don’t be afraid of them. In fact, you know when you go near them, they just reciprocate your feelings. If you are afraid of them, they get afraid too (which is why they growl or bark). try to treat them with love and they will love you too.

  3. Manpreet,

    Great points! I for one really can use these points because I have purchased a few dogs in my life. Many times I did not research the breed enough to try and better understand the type of dog/personality I was about to be responsible for.

    Patience was another problem of mine. We all want our animals to be well trained and have great manners, but that takes time and patience. These tips can definitely help me to better understand the things to take into consideration when owning a pet. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Nathaniel.
      Yep, training dogs is just like raising your child. you need to be patient and react in a calm manner when they make mistakes and teach them what’s right and what’s wrong.
      Even I have a problem being patient..I am very impulsive and sometimes used to scold my dog a lot but then my mom was their to watch how I treat my dog and that’s how I learnt all this.. 🙂


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