Do you know there are almost 5 lac seats for engineering in India? Let’s do some more calculations. Out of 5 lac seats, a few of them would be left vacant. Some of those who join the college may drop out while leaving the course mid-way. A lot of them would go for higher studies – maybe MBA or MTECH. Now, the remaining would look for a job. What about you? Would you look for a job after B.Tech.? If you would, you will be competing with at least 4 lac students. Let’s talk just about your college’s placement drive. There would be at least 400 students who would be sitting for the same job on the same day with almost the same credentials as yours.

“Why should I employ you?” This is probably the first and most important question that an employer would ask you. Why should he select you even when he has so many choices? Why you?

Unemployment in India is one of the major concerns and many reasons are cited by people just to describe why the unemployment rate in India is so high. A very big lot of qualified and still unemployed people are Engineers. We spend lacs of rupees on an engineering degree and what do we get?

Have you ever wondered why it is so? Why won’t you get a job after B.Tech.? Let me help you out to answer the ‘Why’.

Note that this post is even helpful for the students who are currently preparing for their campus placements and who want to ensure that they get a good job after they finish their degree. Keep reading.

  1. You don’t have experience: This would sound extremely absurd to many of you. How can you get a work experience when you are studying in college? Moreover, there isn’t any time to work. You stay in college till 4:30 PM. It’s insane to expect you to work after college. But if you really want a job, you have to work. A work experience is the biggest thing that counts while seeking a job. As a fresh pass out, it is acceptable that you haven’t worked in big companies but it is not acceptable if you haven’t worked at all. Moreover, you have a golden opportunity of 6 months internship which only a few of you would use. Others would just regret. Also, I would suggest to use every summer break to go for an internship so that you have more experience. I recently reviewed a book which is all about interning abroad in summer and you should definitely read that book for more insights on this subject.
  2. You don’t know the basics: Getting good marks in exams certainly don’t matter and many of you would interpret this fact as ‘Studying in college does not matter’. Well, maybe it doesn’t but only if you want to be unemployed. If you want a good job, you need to be really good with the basics of your field. Hiring an engineer is not cheap for a company and if they are paying a good price, they want an intelligent and skilled person, of course. So, make sure you prepare your basic subjects well. You don’t have to learn everything – just the important topics from your basic subjects. Ask your college professors if you have no idea about the basic subjects in your course.
  3. You are aiming too high: If you ask people of my college, everyone would say he wants a job in Google or Microsoft but none of them would be able to answer this question affirmatively: do they really deserve to be in a company like Google or Microsoft? All of them think a package of 3-4 lacs per annum is just too less. If you, as a fresh pass out think the same, you are probably making the biggest mistake of your life. Yes, we were taught to aim high in schools but there was also an obvious lesson that required us to start from the zero/ground. So, even when you should totally aim for the moon, it’s still fine if you end up in the sky in the beginning.
  4. Lack of Passion: It is actually true that passion drives your life. If you are not passionate enough for the job you are applying for, the chances of you getting that job are none. You won’t be able clear those interviews until and unless you really want that job. You need to love what you are doing and what you want to do.
  5. Lack of preparation: Let’s assume you are good with basics and technical skills. Now comes the most ironical but truthful part. If you are not well prepared for your interview, chances of you getting the job are null. Many hirers complain about lack of interpersonal and professional skills in fresh college graduates. I remember, once our communication skills teacher asked us to come in formals the next day and every single girl in my college looked as if she came to a prom night. Many college graduates don’t even understand what formal wear is. And such people seriously don’t deserve a job. Do they? Do you?Job Interview- Finix Post
  6. You are not applying for enough jobs: You have a dream company and you have applied for it. What if you don’t get the job there? What would you do? Stay jobless after B.Tech.? Or you can simply apply for some other job. Can’t you? It is seriously absurd to rely upon one opportunity. Didn’t any one teach you about grabbing each opportunity you see in front of you? Sit in as many interviews as you can so that, at the end, you have at least one good offer letter in your hand.
  7. You use Facbook, Twitter instead of LinkedIn: Getting a good job is all about connections. How many good connections you have? How much time do you spend on Facebook and Twitter? Habit of spending time on such sites doesn’t really help while job seeking. What helps is websites like LinkedIn. Get active on LinkedIn as it’s one of the most-used professional networking sites on the internet. You have to be there!
  8. Global Economic Slowdown: I didn’t really want to include this in the list but for the sake of information I had to. Though I believe slowdown doesn’t matter unless you are talented enough, still a large number of graduates stay unemployed because of this reason. You might also use this reason to shield for the shortcomings you have and blame it all on government.

My motive of writing this isn’t to offend someone or make someone feel low. I want you guys to understand what’s wrong so that you can try to correct it before it gets too late, so that you definitely get a job after B.Tech. Good luck 🙂

This is one article which I found while finding information about this article. It’s worth reading: Read here

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  1. Well, i agree to all points to great extant. Students think college life is for only fun, But they never know what they will loose if they didn’t concentrate well on study, basics of their subjects.

    Thanks for sharing good stuff.

  2. I was lucky that i got placed in such a tough competition. You have written it beautifully. I would say, one point to get placed is, pursue at least one thing that is different from others in a positive sense that set’s the HR eyes on you.

    • congratulations and thank you for adding up that point. Yup, one has to stand out from the crowd through his USP. But that happens when you have the basic things required for a job.. Am I right?

  3. Great web site. Lots of helpful info here. I’m sending it to a few buddies ans
    additionally sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you to your sweat!


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