Do you want to know which are my favorite books? While this certainly makes one question -“Why the hell would I want to know about YOUR favorite books?”, I think knowing about others’ favorite books presents one with an opportunity to discover some new and good books.

It is important to put your hands on good books because time is too precious to be wasted on a badly written book and when you pick some bestsellers or someone’s favorite book, the chances of it not being good reduce manifolds.

Also, I was asked to share my favorite books on my Booktube channel. And that’s exactly what I did. This post is a little bit longer than the video with more insights on why those books are my favorite. Here they are:

1. The Famous Five Series by Enid Blyton

I remember those disappointing times when my school library had books too tough to be read by a kid. I used to pick up books and then end up getting sad over the fact that I couldn’t enjoy them. That was because of the wrong choice of books and one day, a very strict but loving teacher decided to help me in this. So, she brought me one of daughter’s favorite books and that was a book from the Famous Five Series.

This is a 21 books series in which 5 main characters go on different adventures. The book has a lovely account of lots of adventures, bonding between siblings, delicious food described in an amazing manner and my favorite – a wise faithful dog as one of the heroes.

I read almost 8 books in the series and I still wish I had read the entire series when I was of the right age. This series was so good. Perfect children’s book.

2. Brida by Paulo Coelho book review by brida

If you have been around this space for long time, you would know that this would be on the list. I love Brida so much. That’s like one of my most favorite books ever. The story is a blend of philosophy cum fiction. Brida is a lady who is trying to unveil some magical powers she possess and finds herself on a journey to discover the concept of soulmates.

The characters of the book had a very deep impact on me and so did the story. I loved it so much and that’s a book which I would recommend to everyone. It is definitely one of the best books by the author. Yes, it is better than the Alchemist.

3. Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

self help books

Eleven Minutes is a story about a girl who leaves her hometown in pursuits of a good career and life for herself and her family but ends up being a prostitute. Just when she accepts all of it and start thinking that love is not going to be a part of her life, she meets the love of her life.

The protagonist of the book, as she belongs to a profession that’s not morally accepted in my country, challenged my thoughts and perspectives. And by the end of this book, I felt that I had grown from a petty shallow human being to the one who understands a little bit about respecting other human beings and broadening ones perspective.

4. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks the choice by nicholas sparks

The book is the story of Travis and Gabby. Travis is a young handsome man who is well settled and thinks love isn’t something what he desires. But everything changes when he meets Gabby.

The book is one of the best romance novels I have ever read. There was literally something magical about this book and I completed the entire book in one sitting. Actually, I started reading it on my journey back to home and stopped only when I had to get down the bus and reach home. I started reading just when I entered my home. So, yeah! It should be considered one sitting.

5. Fade into Red by Reshma K Barshikar fade-into-red by reshma k barshikar

This book is about an investment banker who has to leave for a business trip to beautiful Tuscany. There she goes around some beautiful places experiencing the flavors of Italy. There are beautiful vineyards, wine making and a handsome young man. This story has been written in some really beautiful words while capturing the beauty of nature effortlessly.

2015 has been a year where I have been reading a lot of books and that is majorly because I picked up books as good as these in the beginning. This book would definitely inspire you to travel and read more.

6. Rearview my Roadies Journey by Raghu Rearview My Roadies Journey

This is an autobiography of Raghu – who is the guy behind a very famous reality T.V. show on Indian Television – MTV Roadies. But this autobiography has been written exceptionally well. Obviously, you could expect some really interesting incidents in the book of a guy who works so closely with an adventure based T.V. show, but that’s not what makes this book that appealing.

The way the words have been used to describe various moments, incidents, scenes is what makes this book a favorite of mine.

7. Mistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora mistress of honour review

The book is an exciting tale of love, sacrifice and honour. The well built characters of the story face some gruesome moments in the Indian history and make  you understand the pain behind dying for the honour of this country.

The book has a heart touching story with perfect blend of emotions and excitement. LOL It still reminds me of the frown my mother gave to me when she saw me shedding tears for fictional characters.

8. He Fixed the match She Fixed Him by Shikha He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him

This is again a beautiful love story but while The choice is a magical love story set in a foreign land, this is a love story which would be loved by person shares the taste with Indians. We love exciting love stories where people accidentally fall in love. They don’t just get attracted and start dating. There is a steamy fight, anger and revengeful deeds before the love sprouts.

And this book is now being converted to a movie as well. It deserved that. Excited about that. Hope the movie does justice to the book.

These were my favorite books till now. Let me know which are your favorite books in the comments down below.

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  1. Yeah, Books are very important to grow yourself perfectly or perfect way. Most of the successful men and women liked books or they are favorite things are books. If you read more and more books of biggest writers then anyone can change their self in mental way. We knew that mental activities show you that how you are. Thank you for publishing this post with us!

    • Hey Romjan,
      I completely agree with your views on books except for the one about reading the biggest writers. I believe writing is an art and a person who truly understands art doesn’t judge it by the name of the artist.
      Even small/newbie writers can come up with life changing books and even the most popular writer can write a disappointing novel. Never judge the art by the name of the artist or you will lose out on a lot of precious experiences and lessons.


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