Are you a makeup addict? Your vanity is literally stuffed with makeup products but still you can’t help but add more to your collection. You need to start saving money but then the new deal on your favourite beauty brand is too irresistible. Don’t worry. Here are some practical tips that can help you save money on makeup products.

save money on makeup products

  1. Utilize products you already have: Let’s be a little truthful with each other. You cannot say that you have literally no makeup in your vanity. First of all go and make a list of whatever you have. Once you have that list, now decide what else needs to be bought. Most of the time we end up buying the makeup products we already have. If you get this step right, you would have a lot less to shop for and thus save money.
  2. Try samples first: The concept isn’t really popular in India but still it does work out some times. Just ask for the samples. Try them out and if they work, buy the product. This prevents you from spending money on a product that you might not like.
  3. Use coupons: In one of my posts about how to save money while shopping online, I talked of how using coupons can help you save money. The same concept applies for beauty products. Most of the beauty brands are available online and they’re ORIGINAL. You can save some good bucks if use coupons. Use them.
  4. Buy in bulk or during sale: I would say go to a wholesaler and buy the products in bulk. All my makeup products come from a shop that sells at wholesale prices in my hometown. Look for such a shop in your area. Or the other option can be buy during sale. You do buy your favourite clothes during sale to save money. Right? Now, go on and save money on makeup products by purchasing during the sale.
  5. Use dupes: What are they? So, your favourite MAC lipstick color is usually available with other brands as well. You just need to look for. Check out this Pin on Finix Post Pinterest Beauty Board. It has a list of dupes of many popular MAC lipsticks. Such lists are available in plenty of amount on Pinterest. The best part is you can flaunt that expensive look in less money. What else do you want, girl?
  6. DIY: During Valentines, Nikita posted this Card DIY and seriously, I tried out the DIY posted on my own website and guess what! I ended up saving Rs. 300 which would have been spent on buying a new card. You can also save money on makeup products by being a little active and trying out makeup DIYs. Face masks, lip gloss and even eyeshadows can be created at home. Use Pinterest.
  7. Stalk beauty bloggers: do you want to keep track of latest discounts on beauty and makeup products? Follow all the beauty bloggers from your country. We have plenty of them in India and they can give you some amazing discounts on latest makeup products. Also, their reviews can save you from wasting your money.

I don’t want you to read this. I want you to try out the seven points I mentioned above and then tell me if you were able to save money on makeup products or not. I save a lot of bucks (though, they’re spent on buying more stuff, but I do save). I hope this helps you out as well. Give it a share if it does. Thanks for reading. Love you.

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