Do you want to feel happier than you are? Are your troubles getting too big to be ignored? Are you constantly in fear of becoming a depression patient? That is all happening because you’re not happy right now.

feel happier

Sometimes our problems get so big that even faking a smile gets impossible. No matter how much our loved ones try to get our mind off our thing, we just can’t help but feel sad. Hey, you know what, this is curable. And you can do it all by yourself.

I believe everyone deserves to feel happier with every single moment that passes by. Life is too short to be sad. Problems will come and go but your happiness should always stay and here are a few ways which can help you to keep your happiness caged in your heart.

  1. Go for a walk: No matter if you’re wearing your flip flops or stilettos, you just need to get out. Alone. Observe nature and people and absorb the positivity that surrounds them.
  2. Step into a hot shower: This has been my saviour since a couple of months. Whenever I am too stressed and need some moments of relief, I step into a hot shower and stand there for a while. It instantly makes me feel happier. And hopefully, it would bring the same kinds of results for you.
  3. Pamper yourself:  I have said this a lot many times but I guess I need to tell you this again. Make yourself feel good. Apply the costliest lipstick you have, wear your favourite dress and watch your favourite movie. Do what makes you feel good.
  4. Call an old friend: I never believe that such a thing worked but when every way to make myself feel happier failed, this came to my rescue.
  5. Listen to some music: Even if you are not fond of listening to music, I would suggest you to try thinking about nothing but the lyrics and beats of the music that is being played.
  6. Clean your room: Did you read my article about importance of decluttering in ones life? Cleaning just a small portion of your room can make you feel a lot calm and happier. Try it!
  7. Read a book: You did expect this from me. Right? Well, I loved reading books and so they make me feel happier. Find out what you love to do. Your favourite hobby and do that to make yourself feel a little lighter.

Focus on what makes you happy. There has to be something which makes you cut off from the world of worries and sorrows, which make you, forget everything. The aim is to find that thing and use it for your benefit. But till the time you actually find that ‘unique’ thing, these 7 things would help you a lot.

Remember, life is too short to be sad. You need to strive to make yourself feel happier every single moment you dwell on this earth. Don’t forget that.

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  1. These are the useful and most common ways and i appreciate them. I do think of my achievements and my best time of my life whenever i feel low, it motivates me and ya the thing i do most commonly is to watch a motivational movie like The Secret. It makes me happy 🙂

    • Hello Rahul,
      You are right. These are mots common ways and they are common because they work. Inspirational movies don’t work for me. I just watch a normal movie instead. But then it works differently for every person. Isn’t it?


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