What’s the most common thing people do when they are sad? QUIT EATING FOOD. But people like me follow the other league. We eat like animals when we’re sad. But I think I am one step ahead of people like those for I am hungry all the time, whether I am sad or happy, busy or free. And the effect certainly shows! I am overweight.

And being in that condition is certainly not what I want. So, I had to experiment with some ways to curb my hunger. And this is what I do and you can do to curb your hunger and eat less (lose weight too).

1. Drink Plenty of Water: Whenever you feel hungry, drink one bottle of water. Don’t think about not eating for that would make you crave for food more. Just give more priority to drinking a bottle of water than having that delicious snack you just saw in the refrigerator. Once you have had one bottle of water, wait for two minutes and reconsider your decision. Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Most of the times, answer would be ‘No’. PROBLEM SOLVED!

glass of water

2. Eat Fruits: What if the answer is still yes? No worries. Eating is an awesome ‘hobby’. Stick to fruits. Stack your refrigerator with your favorite fruits and pick them up whenever you feel hungry. This won’t add up to your fat and make you feel fuller.

Low fat fruits

3. Cook yourself: What if you just hate fruits? What would you do in that case? Consider cooking your food by yourself. Instead of eating out or ordering something, enter your kitchen become the ‘Chef of the Day’. Most of you would prefer not to eat instead of cooking. In case, you do go for cooking, you would be careful while putting in fatty ingredients. Won’t you?

cook yourself

4. Eat slowly: Don’t fill your plate at one go. Serve yourself a little amount of food at first and then chew it slowly. I try to chew each bite 30 times. Yes, I count! And you should do the same if you want to look good.

Eat slowly

5. Food journal: Start writing down what you ate in the entire day. Soon, you would start realizing how much you eat and how much you should. Your brain would automatically try to stop you from eating more than you require and thus curb your hunger.

6. Have heavy breakfast in the morning: This is the best way to curb your hunger. Have a heavy breakfast every morning. Eat as much as you can. Eat anything (healthy food) and at any pace. But after that, follow rest of tips in the entire day. Even if you don’t consider following other tips, you would still be able to curb your hunger for after a heavy breakfast, your brain would be tricked to feel full the entire day.

Morning Breakfast

7. Eat in silence: Maybe you love having your meals with your friends or loved ones, but if you really want to curb your hunger, you need start hating that. Have your meals in silence, no T.V., no music, no friends and no internet. And then see the magic. You will feel less hungry and hence eat less.

Everyone has his unique way to curb his desires and I follow the above 7 ways to curb my hunger. Do you also use any of these ways? Do they work for you? If yes, why do you think they work?

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