Looks like we have taken up the initiative to make people in India talk about “gandi baat”. So after talking about eating chicken, drinking alcohol, live-in relationships, pre-marital sex, it’s time to talk about KISSING.Do you kiss everyday? I bet that after reading this article, you would want to do it. If you already don’t have that ‘someone special’, we suggest you to find him/her soon.


1.Stress reliever: Yes, kissing deeply and passionately is good for your health as it helps in the release of adrenaline in the body. Adrenaline helps in the breakup of stress hormone, hydrocortisone, which builds up within your body on a daily basis. This means one kiss in the morning from the ONE person, is going to make your day happier, more productive, and would make those people who didn’t get their anti-depressant dose for the day extremely jealous of you!

2.Improves your health: If I’d say it straight, it’s not going to sound nice. So let me explain it in a different way. The ‘saliva exchange’ during kissing, is actually good for your immune system. Don’t believe it? Let me explain more. The ‘germs’ exchanged during a passionate kiss with your loved one, help your body in generating antibodies against those germs. This helps the body to strengthen its immune system against some other germs, which may not be that ‘good’.

3.Burn calories: The most discussed effect of kissing is that it helps you to burn calories. Every article on kissing has this common point, and so does our article (:P). A deep-passionate kissing session helps you burn more calories than you burn while sitting idle. So, now you have got one more reason not to sit idle when your partner is around. Of course you cannot expect to lose pounds in a day (unless you are thinking of making another world record), but still, something is better than nothing, no?

4.Helps in relaxing your mind: People say meditation, I say kissing. What is the point of sitting alone while thinking about stupid daily soap story, when you can actually enjoy and get the results, at the same time? Kissing helps you to calm down your mind. When you kiss your LOVE, you stop thinking about all other things(except what’s going to happen next ;)). Your mind shuts off, and let the oxytocin work its magic. Scientists also believe that kissing is as beneficial as meditation. So why not give it a try?

5.Makes you beautiful: This one is for all the women out there, kissing makes your skin glow. Do I need to say more? I know, I don’t need to. But for those curious minds, let me tell you. Kissing provides great workout for your facial muscles. It allows more blood to flow in your facial muscles, and gives your face a natural glow. It also reduces the wrinkles, so it also works as a natural anti-aging therapy, without any side effects. 😉

6.Ties both of you:If you are worried that your partner might be looking “out of the box”, if you know what I mean, kiss them. And kiss more, and more, and wait for it, more. Because kissing releases oxytocin in the body,  which helps two persons to bond with each other and also makes the bond stronger. So happy kissing!

7.Makes teeth better: Did you know that kissing makes you smile more often, and it also makes your teeth healthy. Yes, so basically you are killing two birds with one stone, three actually. Third one is for the smart people to figure out 😉

How cool is it, no? Just a small kiss has so many health benefits. So go on, enjoy your life, stay happy, make people around you happy, smile, be tension free, love, because you know the li’l secret behind all this. Shhhhhhhhh….. don’t tell anyone!

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