Are you watching your diet very strictly for losing weight? Have you been a slave of low fat food? But are you sure that the so called ‘low fat food’ is actually cutting down your waist line?  There are many foods that has been categorized into ‘Low fat’ category but actually cause you to gain weight.

Yes it is true. With everyone putting a great emphasis on his/her outer looks, low fat foods and high fat foods are something everyone is talking about. For every food item high in calories and fat, a ‘low fat’ version is available. But does that really work?

The thing which shocked me was even the foods which I myself considered as ‘low fat foods’ are also potential competitors to make me gain weight.  Wanna know about them?

1. Olive Oil

This is considered to be the healthiest option when it comes to cooking food. But we tend to forget that oil is oil. 1 Teaspoon of olive oil presents you with more than 50 calories. Do you still like it? I would seriously watch out the quantity of olive oil I put in my food. Would you?

Low Fat Foods olive oil

2. Fruit Juice

I bet you didn’t expect this on this list. But this is what recent study shows – a 300ml glass of fruit juice has 150 calories which is more than the calories in a 300ml can of coke. I know it sounds unbelievable but having known this fact since a long time and studying about it, I consider this true. What about you?

Low Fat Foods fruit juice

3. Brown Bread

Considered to be a good option for a breakfast or snacks, this is no better than other high fat foods. One should rather go for whole wheat or grain.

Low Fat Foods brown bread

4. Cereals

They are called the best for breakfast foods but without milk, they are of no use to lose weight. Is it true?  You can check!

Low Fat Foods cereals

5. Salads

Oh! Because of our commitment to fitness, we go to subway and ask for a salad. Why? Because it’s healthy. You just ignore the mayonnaise and other high fat sauces that go into your healthy food. Even the ‘low fat’ mayonnaise can make you fat. Believe it or not!

Low Fat Foods salad

6. Soup

After so much of effort and determination, you still don’t lose weight. Even the soups which you think are completely safe trick you. Only the vegetable based and cream free soups are your friends, not the others. And you have been amusing yourself by telling that you’re eating low fat food. Healthy, YES. Low fat – NO.

Low Fat Foods soup

7. Yogurt

Any kind of flavored yogurt has a high fat content. Watch your moves next time you go to buy yogurt. Go for a plain one.

Low Fat Foods yogurt

In actual, all the ‘low fat’ products in market try to trick you. The low fat is compensated through high sugars. But in the hurry to make decisions, we often forget to note the complete nutritional content present in a particular food.  In fact, we don’t even know what the right amount should be. Do we?

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  1. Hello Manpreet,
    Nice post, I relly enjoyed to read this article about low fat food. I think, we should not forget apple and bananas to include in this list.

    • Bananas, well do you know I read it somewhere that if you eat one banana a day, it would help you to shed pounds but that is not verified. Apples ?? I didn’t know they also make you gain weight.. Do they? Really?

  2. Hello Manpreet,
    Love to read your next post again. The low fat food list you provided is tremendous. fruit juice is one of my favorite. Yogurt makes you fit. you can add oats also as low fat food.
    Thanks for the nice post.

    • Hey Archana, I wish you had actually read my blog post before commenting. I always appreciate the genuine comments on my blog and one thing that pisses me off the most is when people comment on my blog just for the sake of backlinks.
      Anyways, I would still want to thank you for reading the post. And I would suggest you to read the posts before you comment 🙂


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