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Become A Successful Person
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What’s your plan to be successful in your life? What are you going to do to make yourself stand out of the crowd of billions of people? What are you going to do so that people can remember you even after you are no more? What are you going to tell to your grandchildren about your struggle to be successful? Would you even have a story of success? Would you even be successful enough to tell your story to others?

 If yes, then how are you going to do that? How are you going to make sure that you become successful and achieve your dreams? How are you going to chase your dreams? How are you going to win this battle? Success doesn’t come that easily. Yes, we do look upon many people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani etc. and wish for we could be like them. Don’t say no. I accept that I have done this myself. I have wished that I could reach the level of greatness and richness these people are on but do you know, what’s the second thought that comes in my mind after this wish? The second thought that comes is, “How am I going to be successful”?

How can any person become successful? Is there a key mantra or a quest where I am going to find this treasure? Do I need to do some special prayers and do some big offerings to God so that he can make my life just like the one of Steve Jobs’? Well, I guess every one of us know the answer. There is no special key to success. The only way to success is to climb those stairs which would take you towards your dreams and keep following the essential elements needed for success.

Essential elements? Are there really some essential elements needed for success? Well, for me, yes there are a few and today, I am going to share those essential elements which are needed to be successful in anything you do or want to do – blogging, dancing, singing, getting a girlfriend, working on a job, entrepreneurship; anything.

Let’s Talk About the Essential Elements of Success

Become A Successful Person
Source: pixabay.com

1) Being Confident: A few days back, I was talking to a girl who was interested in video blogging. She had wanted to do this since many years but could never gain the courage to do that. The first person she reminded me of was me. I have been in the shoes of such girls many a time. I remember the first time I stepped on stage to give a small introduction of mine. My legs were shaking as if I had seen the most horrible and scary thing ever existed. My heart beat was racing at a speed more than the fastest racing car in the world. Well, that’s really not true but I guess, you know how nervous I was and when I was done with the introduction, people came to me and exclaimed about my high confidence. And I was like, “What?”

Do you know why it happened? Because I didn’t let anyone know that I was nervous. My soul and my brain were the only ones      who knew and they also knew that it was a golden opportunity for me to tackle my fears and chase my dreams.

If you, yes you, want to achieve your dreams, just understand that it’s your dream. What other people think about you and your dreams is none of your business. You want to do video blogging, not other people. So, you really don’t need to worry if they would like it or not. It’s their problem. Not yours.

“Be confident enough to chase your dreams.”

2) Putting in Hard work: Have you ever listened to a story of an army man who goes for his military training? If you have, then you would know how hard they need to work in order to complete their training.

Have you ever been to a gym to lose some weight or build some muscles? If you have, then you would know how much sweat and hard work it takes to get that amazing body which everyone gets jealous of.

If you have a dream, never think that it would be easy to achieve it. An actor in a movie said that, “When you love someone deeply, the nature itself tries to reunite you with that person.” Well, that was a movie. In real life, when you love someone and want that person, nature tests you like a devil in hell and tries every possible way to make you quit.

“Only the people, who keep fighting, win the battle.”

3) Being Disciplined: Hard work and discipline are very serious lovers. They cannot live without each other. You put your best efforts in something and you are not disciplined, your hard work won’t count and vice versa. Let me give you my example, I joined gym because I was too mesmerized by the well toned figure of actresses like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. The days I used to go to gym, I would put in lots of efforts. So much that even my strict trainer used to praise me. But then, I would come back from gym and eat sweets, chips, noodles etc. Where I am now? I am still fat. Why? Discipline. I did do a lot of hard work but I couldn’t stay disciplined and determined enough to reach my dream of getting a well toned figure.

“Don’t try to separate hard work from discipline. Angels will curse you.”

4) Being Consistent: In one of my videos, I have recommended the same thing to the aspiring bloggers for I know the effects of not being consistent. In every sphere of my life, the only failures I have faced are because I forgot the importance of consistency. If only, I had continued the gym, I would have had a good figure for sure. I bet I would have got that.

“Being consistent means being Successful.”

5) Being Brave: No successful person became successful without taking risks. If you are afraid that you would fail, trust me! You would fail. But only if you believe in yourself and just keep giving your best efforts all the time, no one can make you fail. Even the so called failures would take you towards the next step of success. This is what happened with Steve Jobs until he came up with iPhone. He did fail at times and he learnt from those failures and moved forward. Why? Because he was brave enough to continue his chase. Are you that brave?

“Be Brave Enough to Chase Your Dreams”

6) Don’t Dream: “If you want your dream to come true, stop dreaming. Get your lazy ass up and start working.” This was what my friend said to me when I was whining about how much I want to become a blogger and how I want people to read my posts and blah blah blah. If I had not stopped dreaming and started working, you wouldn’t have been reading this post.

Also, convert your dreams to your goals. Dreams never come true in real life. Goals are what you call the dreams which you want to realize. If you have a dream and wish that it could come true, convert it to a goal. Separate it into pieces and make a plan. Choose a deadline and start working! That’s all you need to realize.

“Make a goal, plan your goal, choose a deadline and start working!”

Become A Successful Person
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7) Talk to Yourself: I read this from a book about Success. At first, I thought, people would call me mad and who knows, one day my parents actually take me to a psychiatrist and I end up in a mental asylum. I know, you would be thinking the same. Talking to your own self, it sounds absurd. But, this is one of the most important elements to success. Become your own critic and inspiration. Tell yourself that you did good and after sometime, tell yourself you weren’t that good and you could have done better and then, watch yourself doing the ‘better’. This is how it goes. All those elements which I mentioned above would come automatically once you start talking to yourself. Don’t believe me?

Try it yourself and then tell me if it wasn’t true!

This is my list and seriously, it’s my challenge to everyone who says he cannot be successful even after following these points. These are the real keys to the lock of success. It’s just that you need all the keys to open the lock.

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  1. Great points you have mentioned there Manpreet,

    These really are the must have qualities in order to be successful, no matter what idea of success one is having in their mind. I would like to add one more point about ‘being smart’ to this already great list. It would probably qualify to be in some parallel category of hard work. Hard work definitely pays off but pays off much faster combined with hard work. This combination is often misunderstood as luck.

    I really love your take on stop dreaming and start doing. Just dream once and give all you have got to make it true. 🙂


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